I took random pictures! I noticed a crop duster hovering nearby, so grandma and I went for a drive. I managed to get some pretty great shots if I do say so myself. When I got home I saw that the ranunculus were blooming…so off I went to snap those too! 






Hope you have a good night!

I’m Chic And Green! :)

Many thanks to Chic and Green for featuring my Milk Glass Mixed Rose Bouquet photo/print on their blog! This has made my day, week, month, and 2009! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I really appreciate it 🙂

Milk Glass Mixed Rose Bouquet- Signed 8.5x11 Print

Milk Glass Mixed Rose Bouquet- Signed 8.5x11 Print

Milk Glass Mixed Rose Bouquet- Signed 8.5×11 Print

Etsy:: Ishandchi

I fell in love with Ish and Chi’s prints a few weeks ago. Viv, the very talented artist of Ish and Chi, is based in Sydney, Australia and recently opened her shop. Her work is gorgeous, and in the perfect soothing pallette. Have a look in her shop, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled you did!

il_430xn59868531Vintage Chandelier- Tiffany Blue

il_430xn598687431Vintage Chandelier- Pink

il_fullxfull58232085Peony Rose

il_430xn57990059Retro Sunburst


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here are a few photos that I posted over the weekend. I’m thrilled as I was chosen for another treasury. I can’t believe I’ve been open about 3 weeks, and have been in 5 treasuries…I truly feel blessed!!! I am thinking I may add my scarves to my shop, but haven’t decided. I’ll let you decide! =)

All can be found on etsy at Dolce Chic








All can be found on etsy at-  Dolce Chic