I just happened to be looking up the video for “Overjoyed”, with Mary J. Blige, and Stevie Wonder because I’ve always loved the song; when I stumbled on this video. It’s appropriate today, seeing as I got a call earlier in the afternoon, that one of my good friends, Jenny had given birth to my new bff, Whitney Ellen. I can’t wait to meet her!!! I’ve already started searching tutus, headbands, and just about everything else I can on etsy. My mom stopped me in my tracks, saying newborns can’t wear tutus. If only! 🙂

Welcome to the world, Whitney!!! I can’t wait to take you to the Limelight, tell you all about shopping, and how you shouldn’t do it, because it can get you in trouble. Whitney, be proud….I am not a crier, and when I heard you were born a few weeks early (a few nights ago), I teared up. When I found out you look just like your grandma who is in Heaven, I started once again. You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful family, who loves you more than you’ll ever know. Oh and then there’s me…I’m going to be your  fun aunt that you can take advantage of, because I’d rather play with you, than tell you what to do. I’ll let you eat cookies for breakfast, pizza for dessert, and watch soap operas before naptime. Just don’t hang out with my grandma, she’ll teach you bad habits, like cussing out strangers, and cursing the tone deaf wanna be singers on American Idol. My mom on the other hand will hook you up with pretty bouquets, and Lucy goosie baby floosie, she’s waiting until you start eating real people food, so she eat up all your crumbs :), which will come in handy when your parents tell me I can’t feed you junk food! I heart you sister!



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