That’s Not My Name……Giveaway!

Maybe there’s a reason this song has been in my head for the last week or more? For those of you who don’t know, I’m looking to create a website with:

  • my photos
  • links for locals to purchase bouquets
  • etsy
  • twitter
  • and my new typepad blog

This may come as a surprise to you, but I have grown tired of dolce chic. It’s not that I’m tired of what I do, because I absolutely love it….but I don’t feel as formal as the name sounds. I spent yesterday on domain websites, I looked up, and come to find out it’s an escort site. My first and last actually belongs to a prostitute, and just about anything I’ve come up with belongs to someone in this industry. I refuse to take this as a sign, I’m a nice Catholic girl, I promise! I do know that everything in my life is serious, and I’m tired of it! I would like a sophisticated name, that is fun, laid back, and cool. When I think of things I like they’re as follows:

  • relaxing
  • tanning
  • photography
  • my home state, California
  • r-e-s-p-e-c-t
  • laughter
  • Glamour
  • uggs, and flip flops
  • my distressed True Religion jeans
  • Everything I have has gold detail (I just noticed as I took a gander at my handbags)
  • Hollywood regency
  • crown moulding
  • Anti-clutter!
  • Pretty chandeliers
  • bamboo chandeliers, and 40’s glamour
  • I’m inspired by quotes…as if you didn’t know
  • my doggie lucy goosie baby floosie
  • sports- especially chucky b, derek jeter, and brett favre
  • my long hair. I used to have my hair cut in an A-line, it was very chic, but I am too lazy to do it…so the easy breezy long hair stays.
  • Vintage turquoise jewelry…..the bigger the better!
  • Listening to the ocean
  • black with gold detail. For instance my black Isabella Fiore handbag with gold studs.
  • Black frames with white matting
  • Gold frames with white matting
  • Elephants
  • Sarcasm…it’s a virtue!
  • My mommy and grandmama

One of my etsy teammates came up with “dolcerose”, I like it but it still seems too formal. I came up with “californiacandi”. I really like that, I checked out C&C California’s website, and it seemed fun, and relaxing. I don’t know what to do? I’m lost, and the added stress of not getting anything done is getting to me! I want to get started with my website, and not having a domain is a struggle. With this being said, I am leaving it up to- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I have decided that I will be giving away one of my prints to the person who picks my new name. I am not putting a deadline on this as I am waiting for the right name!

In the end–you pick the photo in my shop, or if you’ve seen it on flickr, and it’s not in my shop….let me know and I will add it for you!


Etsy:: fortytworoads

I found fortytworoads etsy shop earlier in the week, and thought what a great concept, kids LOVE cardboard and playing kitchen. In our household my little kitchen set was my favorite thing to play with, as pretend messes are a lot more fun to clean up. With many parents trying  help the environment, Anna of Fortyworoads has the green light. Oh and did I mention she was on Martha this week? Yes, as in Martha Stewart!

 My mom just happened to be watching Martha a few days ago when she mentioned, “did you see, Martha has a kitchen like the one you showed me?” When I contacted Anna about posting her kitchen, I told her I had seen a similar kitchen on Martha. I had to laugh when I received her reply, as she told me it was her kitchen and that she had been on Martha! 

I am happy I found her shop, she’s ingenious and ahead of her time. Please check it out, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled you did 🙂



il_fullxfull540782451Build A Cardboard Play Kitchen




il_fullxfull47852680Build A Cardboard Play Washer and Dryer

As seen on Hooked On Houses. 

Etsy :: Thirtydash9

I knew when I found Thirtydash9’s etsy shop, that I had to post her special order dog pendants! They’re a great gift for the dog lover in your life, or for yourself! Owner, Jen believes (as do I) that all dogs are photogenic. Her work has been featured in ‘Citydog’ and ‘Bark’ magazine. She creates these one of a kind pendants out of your favorite photo of Fido, and fused glass.

il_fullxfull55984476Make Me One- Fused Glass Pendant

“Little Linus”

Jen is so talented at what she does, she used the first photo for Linus face and body, but used his facial expression from the second photo…making for a truly unique piece.


il_fullxfull49245294Little Linus



I couldn’t leave out my namesake, Candy! What a pretty name for a lovely girl 🙂


Cheer Up Cherup

I first noticed Cheer Up Cherup’s etsy shop in a treasury last weekend, and immediately fell in love with EVERYTHING in her shop. Her work is gorgeous and she is very talented. She carries the most gorgeous invitations, and just about anything and everything you would ever need to plan a wedding, or any type of celebration! I hope you take a peek in her shop, as you will be hooked!

il_430xn51781338Dahlia’s and Stripes Invitations

il_430xn51915750White Poppy Invitation

il_430xn51540066Modern Moroccan Invitation

il_430xn41924801Calendar Save The Date

il_430xn36442035Wedding Menu

il_430xn39369659Pink Polka Dot Shower Invitation

Be Mine

I’m not a frilly person, my mom taught my brother and I never to brag, but I can’t help drooling over this jewelry by the talented, Jennifer Meyer aka Mrs. Tobey Maguire.

j_ea_jm-elygd_smDiamond Leaf Earrings

j_ea_jm-elygt_smTurquoise Leaf Earrings

j_ne_jm-nlygd_smDiamond Leaf Necklace

j_ne_jm-nlygl_smLarge Leaf Necklace

j_ne_jm-wgglcn_stGood Luck Necklace

j_ne_jm-ygen_st1Elephant Pendant Necklace aka MY FAVORITE! =)

All photos and merchandise are courtesy of Jennifer Meyer and Twist Online

New Goodies!

My mom was super busy this weekend and created some new ornaments. Here are a few of them! Only $6 per ornament and $3 shipping! Less than $10 for a unique handmade ornament!!! Head over to Oh Rosie and check out the rest!


Mele Kalikimaka

img_6714Sage Golden Ornament,

which was inspired by Anne Sage of The City Sage

img_6759Loving Purple


The Holiday

Flat & Buckled

Since seeing this cute photo of Jessica, Cash and baby Honor, I’ve taken a break from searching cameras and put my attention on finding her cute boots! Last year around Christmas I had my sights set on flat boots with buckles, but I was too late as the stores were gearing up for spring and summer wear. I will never understand shopping for summer when it’s freezing, and buying for winter when it’s above 100.

How cute are her boots?! Love this outfit!!!

How cute are her boots?! Love this outfit!!!

Photo courtesy of People

Here are my finds!

Dolce Vita Tessa Flat Boot with Buckles in Brown (they come in black too)

Dolce Vita Tessa Flat Boot with Buckles in Brown (they come in black too)

available at Pink Mascara

Matiko flat boots in black with buckles

Matiko flat boots in black with buckles

Available at Revolve Clothing

Modern Vintage Shoes Janet Double Buckle Flat Boot

Modern Vintage Shoes Janet Double Buckle Flat Boot

Available at ShopBop

CNC by Costume National Tall Flat Boot

CNC by Costume National Tall Flat Boot

Available at Revolve Clothing

Kors by Michael Kors Eagle flat boots

Kors by Michael Kors Eagle flat boots

Available at Net-A-Porter

Frye - Dark Brown Leather Dorado Riding Boots

Frye - Dark Brown Leather Dorado Riding Boots

Available at Shop Kitson