Spring Has Sprung!

Happy first day of Spring!

Hopefully the sun will keep shining and the roses will be more beautiful and bountiful than they were last year! 


img_4791Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows 
lies the seed 
that with the sun’s love 
in the spring 
becomes the rose 

The Rose written by, Amanda McBroom



I took random pictures! I noticed a crop duster hovering nearby, so grandma and I went for a drive. I managed to get some pretty great shots if I do say so myself. When I got home I saw that the ranunculus were blooming…so off I went to snap those too! 






Hope you have a good night!


Hope everybody is enjoying their Tuesday! I have a few people I’d like to thank for their support this week. Thank you for linking my photos to your blog/etsy. I really appreciate it!!! To those of you who have found me from Ag Air, I am featuring the print they’ve linked to on etsy for purchase. Thank you for your support!

img_49691Thank you to AgAir Updates for linking to my blog! This came as a huge surprise, and an honor that you would showcase my photograph on your website. Due to this, I have decided to feature it in my shop as an 8.5 x 11 print. Thank you!

img_6278Thank you to my good friend, Laura at Hey Missy for featuring this photo on her blog. PS Her blog is phenomenal, it’s one of the BEST I’ve seen!

img_4239Thank you to Antigoni of the fabulous Novely Jewels. She convoed me today to state that she’s showcasing this photo in her treasury.  Thank you so much! The treasury is gorgeous, with enormous talent. Here’s the link =)

Dahlia Tuesday

Instead of picking and choosing quotes myself, I’ve decided to let you my faithful blog readers do the talking. Tonight’s first “you pick the quote” post is my bloggy friend, Jamie of PineappleLuv. I got to know Jamie on my previous blog when I did a post on different things I want to accomplish in my life. I’ve always wanted to become a better swimmer, and would like to eventually learn how to surf. She’s been an inspiration to me, and has a wonderful blog that I frequent often.


“What really matters is not just our own winning but helping other people to win, too.” Mr. Fred Rogers

“Really good surfers know that there’s always another wave…and you have to use good manners.” Eve Fletcher (81 yrs old and still surfing – she was featured as one of the surfers in the film, Surfing for Life

“When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God’s light shines upon you.” Ron Franz (played by Hal Holbrook – from the film, Into the Wild)