Gray Day

It’s a rainy Sunday in Northern California, and I’m dreaming of the day I can afford to live in a place this gorgeous, preferably in an ocean town. I’m thinking Pebble Beach. You’ll recognize me, I’ll be the one with the frizzy locks pulled back, since I’ll have no reason for a flat iron with that ocean air. Hmmmm I may have to rethink this plan of mine…….


Help, I need somebody

I haven’t gotten very far because I haven’t decided what I am going to do with the walls. Should I leave them white? I originally thought about a light blue or grey with crown moulding, but now that I have decided on my lamp…I am unsure which direction to head? I bought this garbage can about 4 years ago at an Antique fair in Sacramento a few years ago, because I absolutely LOVED it. Yes, I fell in love with a garbage can 😉 I don’t really think the lamp and garbage can “go.” I am officially confused. As you can see, Lucy is very upset about my indecisiveness and does not feel like getting off the bed until I make a decision. No…I have not decided on bedding either. Btw…I have ALWAYS loved Pottery Barn’s black frames with white matting…does that “go” with my lamp, can, and bed? Boohoo. I need Thom Filicia to “Dress My Nest!”

I hadn't mentioned that the floor in my bedroom is stained concrete. There's my prized garbage can! ;)

I hadn't mentioned that the floor in my bedroom is stained concrete. There's my prized garbage can! 😉

My trusty "new" lamp, minus the shade.

My trusty "new" lamp, minus the shade.

As you can tell, Lucy is very upset that nothing has been accomplished. Notice my photo on the wall, and the ricola's on my side table. ;)

As you can tell, Lucy is very upset that nothing has been accomplished. Notice my photo on the wall, and the ricola's on my side table. 😉

Visibly upset! lol

Visibly upset! lol

Home Decor For 2009

2008 may have just concluded less than a week ago, but Interior designers are predicting big changes in 2009 in terms of home decor. See if you agree……


Due to the poor economy, people are tending to entertain at home. Since consumers aren’t in the market to just up and buy a new dining room set or chairs, we won’t see  as much  “matchy-matchy.”

The Color GRAY

For us blog readers, we’ve noticed that rooms have been heading in more neutral tones for some time. This year, different shades of gray are going to be everywhere. Experts are warning that this color is going to take a huge dive, just as the recent “chocolate brown/robins egg blue” combo did. Do you think it’s going to burn off or is gray here to stay?


My mom will be happy about this one, seeing as she recently purchased her vintage stove. While it may not be in working condition, many people are heading the same route and purchasing retro appliances from the 1940s- the 1980s (which doesn’t seem so retro to me.)


This year fancy garage doors with wrought iron, hinges, and latches are making a statement.


Not as in Nate Berkus favorite accessory, but as in the actual color. In years past “you’d see the color paired with teal, but in 2009 it’ll be matched with plums and grays.”


Carmen Natscchke of “The Decorating Diva” is seeing multicultural decor taking center stage. What used to be taboo, is ringing steady in the New Year. She states your best bet when combining decor from different cultures is “a balanced look.”
All photos courtesy of MSN. If you’d like more information on these trends, and to see what is OUT for 2009, please follow this link to “New Year, New Home.”

Decor Assistance Needed!!!!

Please, please, please assist me in the decor department! Remember I got this bed this past weekend…..

and this mirror

and I’ve had this rack for the last few months…..

What should I do with the rack? I’m going to a wedding on Saturday, and if I’m not too *tired* from Saturday, I’m hoping to get my bedroom together on Sunday. Should I get rid of the rack? If I keep it I’m not sure what I’d put on it, as now that I have this bed and mirror, my tuscan stuff no longer goes! Decisions, decisions!!!!!!

Who Are YOU?

These posters have been floating around blogs for some time, with the most popular being Keep Calm and ROCK On. I finally checked out the website where I found a few that appeal to me. This one is my absolute favorite!

Photo courtesy of The Poster List

I can’t say that this has been the best year, it’s been really tough. But I will say for the first time I’ve listened to my feelings and I’m not brushing things aside. I started my etsy shop, which led me to start my first blog. I learned I love photography, and interior design. I never realized by learning how to knit last December, my life, and my outlook would change so much. I am writing again which I absolutely love, creating knit scarves, taking pictures, and finally appreciating my mom’s love for antiques… me NOBODY ever thought that would happen. As I write this I’d like to thank all of you for making this my year!

Now it’s up to you, to finish this project. Is there anything that speaks to you at the moment? Please share!

I’ll take these please

It seems like bamboo chairs are everywhere from Design Sponge, to the Love List and in black at Porch Light Interiors. I usually don’t fall so quickly for furniture, but I am in looooove!!!!

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

They are featured on Ebay, with the auction ending October 5th. I can just envision them in black, or red, maybe yellow or bright pink? So much you can do with these chairs! What can I say, they have my <3!