Adam Levine’s Pad Craiglisted

For a measly $10,000 a month you could rent Maroon 5 lead singer,  Adam Levine’s Hollywood Hills home. According to TMZ he has posted ads on craiglist in hopes of someone renting his humble 2,000 sq ft. abode. I’m going to get right on that, as long as he’s my roommate!



moby_levine_0011_layer_2_fullMore photos on TMZ


Gray Day

It’s a rainy Sunday in Northern California, and I’m dreaming of the day I can afford to live in a place this gorgeous, preferably in an ocean town. I’m thinking Pebble Beach. You’ll recognize me, I’ll be the one with the frizzy locks pulled back, since I’ll have no reason for a flat iron with that ocean air. Hmmmm I may have to rethink this plan of mine…….

Day 2

This first photo is from a website that I must have found about a year ago. I hate not knowing whose image it is…if you happen to know, please do tell, as I’d like to give credit, where credit is due.

guide_blueThis is my absolute favorite photo of all time!!!

Photos of Olivia Palermo’s NYC apartment have been floating around lately, and it’s no lie…I ONLY watch The City, to drool over her cousin J/K! No I really love her apartment. I love the elephant in the photo, my brother actually has one that he inherited from my grandparents that’s quite similar, but he refuses to let me have it. I’ll just have to keep checking dear old etsy!




Photos courtesy of NY Post

Fido’s Palace

In honor of Pet design month, Apartment Therapy has been showcasing different unique items for the home with your furry family members in mind. These unique dog/cat palaces are created with only the finest fabrics from France, glued on with natural glue, and it is all done by hand by the fine people at Prestige Houses. Their motto is “know to respect the nature of wood and fabric; provide our customers the largest choice of available materials.” To see these houses is to believe them!

Each house is handmade with the finest material

Each house is handmade with the finest material

The Bellagio


All photos courtesy of Prestige Houses