Day 2

This first photo is from a website that I must have found about a year ago. I hate not knowing whose image it is…if you happen to know, please do tell, as I’d like to give credit, where credit is due.

guide_blueThis is my absolute favorite photo of all time!!!

Photos of Olivia Palermo’s NYC apartment have been floating around lately, and it’s no lie…I ONLY watch The City, to drool over her cousin J/K! No I really love her apartment. I love the elephant in the photo, my brother actually has one that he inherited from my grandparents that’s quite similar, but he refuses to let me have it. I’ll just have to keep checking dear old etsy!




Photos courtesy of NY Post


I’ll take these please

It seems like bamboo chairs are everywhere from Design Sponge, to the Love List and in black at Porch Light Interiors. I usually don’t fall so quickly for furniture, but I am in looooove!!!!

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

They are featured on Ebay, with the auction ending October 5th. I can just envision them in black, or red, maybe yellow or bright pink? So much you can do with these chairs! What can I say, they have my <3!