It’s A Start!

If you’ve watched Dress My Nest you know that the person looking to get his/her home redecorated/overhauled has to pick a few of his/her favorite accessories from their wardrobe or any favorite they might have, and they incorporate that into their living space.

Since I’m in the beginning phase, I thought about everything in my house that I absolutely love and get the best compliments from. It didn’t take me long and hard to realize I love STUDS! I mean that’s a given-hot ones, tall ones, funny ones, dark haired…ok, ok off topic. Here’s what I found 🙂

Here are my Isabella Fiore handbags that I absolutely LOVE!!!!

I just realized my little bag has studs too. I’ve had this for close to two years…didn’t even notice!

And my cute shoes! I just looked in my closet….and I found more shoes with studs. It’s an evil addiction I have going on here!!!

If you couldn’t tell, I am in love with this bench that I prop everything on top of. I would like to add some *glam* to my room, as this piece is fab!

Oh and I’m also on a mission. I was thinking of doing all white bedding, but having a large labrador retriever as my roommate makes that rather impractical. I know, I know, I know I say I’m not obsessed with The Hills…but I just love this ribbon quilt Lauren has! In the photo with Audrina it’s shown as her bedding, and in the photo with Lauren, it’s displayed as a pillow. Brocade Home is no longer up and running 😦 so I have no idea where to find this bedding anymore. Any ideas??????
Photo courtesy of MTV

Photo courtesy of Lauren-C Net

I’m glad I have finally chosen my favorite accessories….now is the tough part, incorporating them all! I don’t know how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any takers????? 🙂


Decor Assistance Needed!!!!

Please, please, please assist me in the decor department! Remember I got this bed this past weekend…..

and this mirror

and I’ve had this rack for the last few months…..

What should I do with the rack? I’m going to a wedding on Saturday, and if I’m not too *tired* from Saturday, I’m hoping to get my bedroom together on Sunday. Should I get rid of the rack? If I keep it I’m not sure what I’d put on it, as now that I have this bed and mirror, my tuscan stuff no longer goes! Decisions, decisions!!!!!!