Lulu’s Cupcakes

I finally made it to Lulu’s Cupcakes a few weeks ago, and I am so happy that I did! Not only do they have the best cupcakes, but I had a delicious sandwich to boot. Lulu is located in Elk Grove, California (about 20 minutes south of Sacramento) in the heart of Old Town Elk Grove.  They’ve been open a little less than a year, with the owner being a recent high school graduate.  I only wish it’d  been around while I was in high school, and college…I could have envisioned myself studying for hours while eating red velvet cupcake after red velvet cupcake.

Lulu’s Cupcakes

9093 Elk Grove Blvd Ste. 100

Elk Grove, California 95624












Candi’s Favorite Things!



I was tagged by my new buddy, Piper of Steak & Cakes, to list some of my favorite things. Her blog is fantastic….please check it out!


As a recovering shop-a-holic, spend-a-holic, I don’t shop much anymore. I will state that once I start making money, I plan to shop at my home away from home during college (which is the reason I can’t shop anymore)

I can’t forget about Etsy, since I’ve learned so much from it since I started about 8 months ago. For those of you who don’t know, I’m working on opening up a shop very, very soon with my photos as note cards/post cards or for those of you who want to buy them as prints. Please stay tuned!!!


The city I love the most hands down is Lake Tahoe…which is in both California and Nevada! This was my favorite place growing up. I realized at the young age of 10 that I wanted to be a reporter, thanks to all the practice of chasing down celebrities and conducting my own interviews! Each year my mom and I go to the celebrity golf tournament. Mostly to see Sir Charles, but mainly to have a good time! This year Tony Romo and Lucas Black threw me their golf balls! Needless to say I’m already counting down to next July!

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay

I love Tony Romo, it's just a joke. I'd never mock him!Haha I love Tony, I wouldn’t mess with him!


I tend to love sour things far more than anything sweet, but when I do have sweets I love turtles-chocolate with nuts. I am happy with a Hershey’s with Almonds! I love caramel covered marshmallows too!



I like water, chamomile tea when I’m stressed, dr. pepper, and iced tea. Drinks with alcohol: bud light with limeade, margaritas, and a key lime martini from a restaurant called Centros in Sacramento.


I love it all from classic country, to new country, oldies, rock, classic rock, hip hop, to elevator music. I love everything! A few favorites are


Sweet Caroline bam bam bam good times never felt so good, so good, so good...

Sweet Caroline bam bam bam good times never felt so good, so good, so good...


Keith Urban concert on my birthday!


I don’t really watch tv. I turn on The Hills, but I can’t even get myself to be fully engaged in an episode. I don’t know what’s happening to me! If I watch tv it’s usually the news or if I know somebody I like is going to be on a program. Wait a sec I almost forgot, I’m really liking Kath and Kim and I watch The Soup.


I’m thankful to have a fast metabolism, and I don’t work out.


Red velvet and fruit basket cake are my favorites!


Before I start please don’t think that I’m anal because of my drink. I have a weak stomach that can’t handle more than one espresso shot.

From Starbucks I get a tall caramel macchiatto with extra caramel and whipped cream in a venti cup. I used to have to say I’d like venti caramel macchiatto with a single shot, decaf, ex. caramel and whipped cream…but thanks to a nice guy at Starbucks recently I only have to say tall ” ” ” ” in a venti cup…and it saves me money 🙂

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