Prayer Request

Last night while watching the news I noticed that there had been an officer shooting in Oakland. It upset me greatly, thinking about the poor families who had lost their dear loved ones, trying to keep us safe. I had no idea that one of my close friends had been affected and was mourning the loss of her step father. I received a message from her today, asking for my prayers and I am in shock and just heartbroken. I can’t help but think of  her poor mother, her brother, step brother, and step sister. I know they say everything happens for a reason, but in this incidence I can’t see how. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to the other families who have been affected by this tragedy. 


Here’s a poem I found on Police Poems in honor of Officer Romans, may you rest in peace.

There’s a reason I cried
When I heard two officers had died
The reality hit hard in the life that we live
To a job where people are asking you to constantly give

Two of the finest today paid the ultimate price
And with pride and honor made their greatest sacrifice
The public has no idea on a day to day, what you went through
And how many lives that are now touched, the killer never knew

How you sometimes went to work, with very little sleep,
Duty and honor, a vow you must keep
And like most cops you were most likely underpaid
But it’s a job you loved, the one for which you were made

To protect and serve, is how you lived your lives
My heart goes out to your now widowed wives
It’s a knock on the door every officer’s spouse fears
And that’s why today my eye’s are filled with tears

Our thoughts and prayers are for the families that will be without
A father, a husband, a brother who will be missed beyond doubt

Heaven called two of your finest home today
A price anyone who loves an officer hopes they will never pay
Lord, Watch over each and every unsung hero we pray
So they can be with the ones they love at the end of their day.


Jenny Peery

Spouse of
Officer Michael Peery ~ K-9 Officer


6 Responses

  1. Wow… always so very scary. Doesn’t matter where you are. Very touching poem.

  2. I’m so sorry that those close to you have been affected so gravely by this act of violence. This is a lovely poem. I know that your sweet and caring nature will help your friend through this most difficult time. Hugs to you, and then some, so that you can pass them on to your friend.

  3. This is just so sad and horrible. The news of this shooting reached us here. I’m so sorry for your friend and her family. If you can, please pass on my condolences from Australia.

    Viv xx – Artwork made with love

  4. these always touch home as my brother is a police sargeant.

  5. this is just so upsetting. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend and her family.

  6. That really is heartbreaking. I’m saying a prayer for your friend, too.

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