Etsy:: Ishandchi

I fell in love with Ish and Chi’s prints a few weeks ago. Viv, the very talented artist of Ish and Chi, is based in Sydney, Australia and recently opened her shop. Her work is gorgeous, and in the perfect soothing pallette. Have a look in her shop, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled you did!

il_430xn59868531Vintage Chandelier- Tiffany Blue

il_430xn598687431Vintage Chandelier- Pink

il_fullxfull58232085Peony Rose

il_430xn57990059Retro Sunburst

12 Responses

  1. They’re the perfect colors and so simple. VERY elegant!

  2. awww!!! I want ALL of them!!! šŸ™‚ Especially the Pink “Vintage” one!!!

  3. what lovely pick’s!!!

  4. Love it! The colors and the bold graphics are so darling. These would make an adorable addition to a very stylish little girl’s room (or a big girl’s room for that matter!)

  5. OMG I love ALL of these prints. I love the colors and the simple layout. Beautiful.

  6. very cool, i like the vintage tiffany blue

  7. nice!

  8. Love the bright colors!

  9. They are gorgeous!

  10. I like their prints. I love the pink chandelier one. Cute!

  11. I am absolutley obsessed with chandelier anything!

  12. Oh how pretty! I love the colors and the graphics šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this eye candy !

    Karen O.

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