Let’s Twitter!

Hey guys, thanks to my wonderful friend, Laura of Hey Missy who motivated me to join twitter…something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I had another one with my old shop, which I no longer use. If you have twitter, please share your link. If you prefer to email it to me, that’d be fine too!



10 Responses

  1. Ooh, Twitter friend! Mine is Pipee, if you want to add me!

  2. Come tweet with me! I’m @abirdinthehand

  3. all this twittering going on!!

  4. Thanks guys! Callie, you really need one. I’m demanding it 🙂

  5. How fun! Mine is Oliveaux. Amanda x

  6. https://twitter.com/antigonisjewels

    Hi Candy! I’m not very often in Twitter but leave you my address, it’s good to have one more connection with you…:)
    I lost my bloglist, with no reason… many bloggers these days had problems…lost links, followers..one even lost his whole blog!!!!
    Now I have to find some time to fix that ….not so easy..:(

    Wish you a great day!!!!!


  7. following you now… 🙂


  8. Love the birdcage… sooooo pretty! Congrats on all your awards! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iphone! How did I live without it!

  9. Fun! Can’t wait to see you on Twitter. I am PinkHeels…surprise, surprise, surprise! LOL

  10. YAY! so glad you’re on twitter.

    I am ShesLump, of course. 🙂

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