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I haven’t gotten very far because I haven’t decided what I am going to do with the walls. Should I leave them white? I originally thought about a light blue or grey with crown moulding, but now that I have decided on my lamp…I am unsure which direction to head? I bought this garbage can about 4 years ago at an Antique fair in Sacramento a few years ago, because I absolutely LOVED it. Yes, I fell in love with a garbage can 😉 I don’t really think the lamp and garbage can “go.” I am officially confused. As you can see, Lucy is very upset about my indecisiveness and does not feel like getting off the bed until I make a decision. No…I have not decided on bedding either. Btw…I have ALWAYS loved Pottery Barn’s black frames with white matting…does that “go” with my lamp, can, and bed? Boohoo. I need Thom Filicia to “Dress My Nest!”

I hadn't mentioned that the floor in my bedroom is stained concrete. There's my prized garbage can! ;)

I hadn't mentioned that the floor in my bedroom is stained concrete. There's my prized garbage can! 😉

My trusty "new" lamp, minus the shade.

My trusty "new" lamp, minus the shade.

As you can tell, Lucy is very upset that nothing has been accomplished. Notice my photo on the wall, and the ricola's on my side table. ;)

As you can tell, Lucy is very upset that nothing has been accomplished. Notice my photo on the wall, and the ricola's on my side table. 😉

Visibly upset! lol

Visibly upset! lol

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  1. Hi there,
    Good luck with your decision. I think greyish with touch of blue (very light) would look good.
    Have a great weekend full of right choices!

  2. Fun! When I begin to redecorate a room, I start with an object that I want to place in it then I work from there. Sometimes, the color of the walls is the last thing that I decide on. However, I am not the design expert. I would consult with someone with real design knowledge.

  3. What about a light blueish gray on the walls? I love the idea of putting the lamp & trash can together! Their colors & style are SO perfect to compliment one another. Seriously individual finds. The couple on is awesome at choosing color palettes…if you send them a room pic & pics of your furniture/accents you want to use I’m sure they’d come up with a whole scheme for you! Check out their blog, they’ve done quite a few & always pick great stuff!

  4. Love that little wastebasket! And I think it goes perfectly with the retro hollywood glamour you’re into!
    As for the color on the walls? I have a couple thoughts–a soft grey could look pretty, though it wouldn’t necessarily be very ‘hollywood’. I noticed that you have wainscotting on the bottom half of the room—what about doing that a really lovely clean white, and then doing the top half a pale yet vibrant blue–sort of like the painted walls version of this jonathan adler chair:

  5. Sometimes painting just one wall in a room is a good idea. Especially if you want a color that may be too much if used on all four walls. Just something to think about. I love painting just one wall as an accent and a pop of color. It is almost like having one large piece of art in the room.

    As for the lamp, do you love the form or the color? If it is the form you like, I would suggest painting it all one color and perhaps in high gloss. This technique can really make an older piece fantastic. But, if you bought it because you love the color in it, them use that color as a jumping off point for the other elements in the room – like the accent color in pillows or bedding. Just my thoughts. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you decide on. Have a happy weekend!

  6. I’m no good at this but I love your style and know you will make it look fantastic. Good Luck!

  7. paint the walls! no white walls allowed 🙂 decide on your color scheme first, based on that fantastic lamp…coral/pink, cream, black with gold accents. Paint the walls a soft neutral color OR paint the wall below your chair rail black (yes, black!) and the walls above a deep coral color. it would be so bold and look amazing. that way you can hang your black PBarn frames, mixed with vintage gold frames – they would both really pop on the deep coral wall. i love the little garbage can but…maybe not in the new space 😦 i can’t wait to see what you end up doing! i say just go for it and make this room an amazing space – don’t be afraid to take risks!

  8. Lucy is so cute as usual! if it was me, i’d paint the walls white (sorry I just love a beautiful white room), then you’ve got lots of choice with adding different colours to the room without worrying they might not go. actually i think the red + blue can be really nice together, could buy some art/prints in similar colours and hang on the white walls. i do love white walls but not empty white walls, they’re not so pretty!


  9. ooooh love anything gray! so, yes go for the gray! 🙂 and light blue.

  10. I’m totally against white walls!!! you should get some color! Read my rosa y blanco post at and tell me what you think about it!

    Yes, I recommend you The Royal Tenenbaums, you’ll love it!!

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Dana (Chic Banana)

  11. oh my, i love that garbage can! it was worth the purchase, you have a fan! 🙂

  12. hey! i am going to do a post based on recommendations for your room soon!! i saw your posting on my post (confusing much? haha) about helping with “mini makeovers” so i want to help ya out!! 🙂

  13. That garbage can is fantastic!!!
    Ok, this is my suggestion.
    WALLS: I see a chair rail around the room…. paint above a white and then below I say a red that coordinates with the lamp with black shade. the blue garbage can will look good against the reddish contrast.

    BEDDING: I would go with white linen coverlet/duvet and reds with gold accent for pillows on the bed with a touch of the blue of the can.

    CEILING: I love the star burst on the can… do you have a light in the ceiling in the center??? I would paint in gold on the ceiling the star burst pattern either around the fixture if you have one, or just in the center of the ceiling if you don’t. the ceiling could be painted a light shade of the blue and would look nice with the gold detail of the star burst.

    CHAIR: use the blue colour in a velvet or soft/plush fabric. chair style slipper

    DRESSER/DRESSING: the one you had shown earlier; paint white with details in gold.

    if, i think of anything else I will let you know.

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