I love… lamp. I love lamp.

Yes, I said I wasn’t looking to create a bedroom which looked like an antique store or museum, but I fell in love with this lamp, and best of all…it was only $40 at a local antique store. This is the lamp shade that came with it, but I don’t particularly care for it. What do you think? Do you have any ideas for a better lamp shade or where I can find one? Now that I have chosen this lamp, what color do you think I should go with my walls, bedspread, etc? I also don’t want to be stuck with a bedroom that is entirely PINK! I want 40’s glam…right, Callie! πŸ™‚





15 Responses

  1. That is a lovely lamp. I can’t help thinking a shiny black barrel shade would be a touch of modern Hollywood glam, although I know black is not for everyone. Even a linen covered barrel would update the lamp and be really pretty. Just a thought

    xo Mary Jo

  2. it’s so beautiful! i’d love it with a matching red (with the body colour) lampshade, what a great find! x

  3. I agree a black barrel shade would be wonderful with that. Is that red – it’s reading a bit coral on my screen. The hot colors this year include a mustard color that might be nice too. And a dark purple with blacks, mustard and greens.

  4. How very boudoir! I think black would be puuurrrfect…
    We’re antique sisters at heart!

  5. Oh I LOVE it! What a great find. I think black would be good or maybe something shiny…something satiny maybe? I wish you had found this lamp like 2 months ago! I had TONS of lampshades from working at my fancy PR job. I had to leave them all with my bro in SF because they wouldn’t fit in my car. I had black, gold satin, blue toile, the list goes on.

  6. oooh, love it. reminds me of one my grandma used to have that I always admired. great find!

  7. Great find on that lamp! I’d say a red shade. πŸ™‚

  8. I just spent the past couple of minutes getting caught up on your blog (I hope your grandma is doing well).

    I suggest an elongated drum shade (is the proper name barrel?) I’m pretty sure you can find lamp shades at big box stores, restoration hardware (I think) and online…can’t remember the site – think it’s something obvious like lamps.com lol

    Look forward to seeing what you decide!

  9. I love it just the way it is! I love vintage πŸ™‚

    Really? Mexican? Wow, that’s great!

  10. I love it just the way it is! I love vintage πŸ™‚

    Really? Mexican? Wow, that’s great!

    Dana (Chicbanana)

  11. Oh I love it! I agree with others that a colored shade could look great—even a contrasting pink to the reddish coral that the base seems to be. Like a magenta linen perhaps? Something that plays up the statement making quality of the lamp—and then you can tone things down with more restrained bed linens…

  12. contact BululuStudio.etsy.com or Lolos.etsy.com to join the spanglish team. nicelamp…especially 40.

  13. Yes, 40’s glam!!!
    I was thinking along the same line as Anne, a contrasting pink to the reddish coral!

  14. black might look good it is definitely a fun piece!

  15. depending on the color scheme you go with, it could look cool if you bought an ivory drum shade and trimed the top and bottom of the shade with a 1″ wide satin ribbon in a soft gold (nothing sparkly or super shiny). This way, you’ll be adding a sort of modern / clean lined shade to a very ornate lamp base, which will update the lamp and look glam πŸ™‚

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