Handmade In California

Have you heard the news…there’s a new spring gift guide filled with etsy artists from all over California! The Handmade In California website is made up of fabulous artists who are members of the “California Crafters Club Of Etsy”. You can find products that range from jewelry, home decor, fashion, bath and body products…to you name it! What are you waiting for, head on over to this fabulous website! I’m sure you’ll be thrilled you did!!!


Handmade In California

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  1. […] bookmarks tagged california Handmade In California saved by 12 others     ScarredLALfan bookmarked on 02/09/09 | […]

  2. You can’t have it sitting in the garage! 🙂
    Idea for you…put in pink peonies and it’s a great photo opportunity so you can sell them on your etsy shop. That vase would look awesome in a pic.

  3. those kate hudson boots are SO CUTE

  4. Awesome! I’ll check it out!

    Thnaksfor writing me in Spanish, you’re so sweet 🙂

  5. Oh, so fun! I love discovering new things, thanks!

  6. Oh thanks for the link!

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