It’s All Grey To Me

I have always loved the outfit Kate Hudson is sporting in this photo from a while back. How great are those boots?! I’ve found the equivalent, and I am taking donations once again 😉 I mentioned I have an etsy shop, right?! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

kate_hudsonSteal The Style


_dsc0093_detailFrye Paige Boots


27 Responses

  1. they are HOT…now if I can get them up my calf!

  2. I loove those, the shade of grey is perfect.

  3. Oh my, those are gorgeous boots. I can totally see you rocking them. Get them now! After your computer-traumatic week you deserve them!

  4. love the boots!!!! I’m super late on the skinny jean with boots over trend. I’m just not sure if it would look good on my body type. but love it!!! And I ADORE Kate Hudson!!! She is one of my favorite actresses!!!

  5. Kate looks great! I can see you wearing that outfit!
    Sooooooooo do you have an iphone or a blackberry?

  6. I want the shirt…did your research on the boots also point you to the source of the shirt?

  7. Actually I must say I love more ‘your’ boots than Kate’s. Gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling!

  8. I just need a donation for bills!!! I wish I could get a donation for boots!!!

  9. OK.. remember fry boots when I was a kid…that dates me. They were all the rage. I like these gray ones way better than the ones that were out when I was a kid.

  10. oh wow – I love those

  11. I LOVE those boots!

  12. loving all things grey at the moment, lovely boots!

  13. I pretty much love anything gray and these boots are no exception. I want them too!

  14. Love those boots… I love grey too!


  15. ooo great look!!

  16. Those boots are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color, and the clasps up the side are such a fabulous detail.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend m’dear 🙂

  17. oh, i love those boots!!!!!

    by the way, i gave you an award on my blog luv!!!

  18. Those boots are fantastic, too bad the price tag is so steep!

    Love your blog!

  19. I love them!!

    I tagged you 🙂

  20. Yup. Those boots are made for walking!! They are very cool.

  21. I’m a little on the fence about gray boots, and a friend shows me light gray nail polish too. Not sure about it but still love Kate’s outfit.

  22. Nice find, mama!

  23. Desperately seeking those boots.

  24. These are fab boots! Thanks for the tip b/c they’re on my must-have very soon list!

  25. You have great taste in boots! I hope you get your pair, I want them too, now.

  26. LOVE THEM!!! I now want ones 🙂

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