Week Without A Macbook

Good news, the letter J decided to calm down, and I’ve canceled my repair order (yay). You may notice that this post doesn’t have photos…I’m sorry. I am currently working on replenishing my album. Thankfully I am one of those people who saves as many photos as I can on my memory card, so I have a few. I have learned a few important lessons through all this, and I thought I should share:

  • Back up your data. If it’s important you, back it up.
  • Organize your life! I need to find my printer cd’s, camera cd’s and word, photoshop cd’s because I now have to re-download everything.
  • Don’t overdo it. I am one of those people that “if it doesn’t get done now, it’ll never get done.” That’s how I reacted to my etsy shop, and had to do everything right away. I always thought- who knows if somebody wants to buy something right this minute. Nothing has to be done right this second.
  • With that being said…go to sleep early! I have a habit of working on my shop until 1/2 in the morning. 
  • Find a new job. Caregiver stress is enormous. I don’t have the luxury of being able to leave the house very often because my grandma tends to collapse when we go anywhere, and my computer has been a way for me to escape the stress. 
  • Exercise. My mom and I have started walking…and not our leisurely walks either. We had the pleasure of beautiful 60+ degree weather up until yesterday…so we’ve been walking/jogging. 
  • De-cluttering my inbox. I had over 4000 messages in this thing. Does anybody know how to create folders on .mac? I have certain emails I’d like to save….and don’t necessarily want to view them every day!  

Week that was…..

Thank you to those of you who left well wishes for my grandmother. She’s had extensive tests lately to see why she has been passing out. On Friday we were to find the results of her exams (all which came back normal) but she collapsed getting into the car. The doctor was not going to perform anymore procedures, until my mother demanded something be done. On Monday they inserted a “loop recorder” which is a device that records when she passes out. They gave us a remote, and when she collapses we are to put the remote next to the place where they inserted the recorder, record it…hook up to the phone, and it’s transmitted to the doctor that way. Technology is miraculous! 

Hopefully I’ll have some photos soon. Have a wonderful morning 🙂

8 Responses

  1. Hi Sweetie! Sorry things have been so rough lately. Keep the faith! All will work itself out the way it is meant to.

  2. well, progress on all counts. I’m glad. I hope they can figure it all out with your grandmother.

  3. thank you for sharing your lessons. in one way, technology hasn’t been so good to you with your mac, but it might really save the day with your grandma. hope it all works out ok.

  4. oh , so sorry these awful things happened. a friend’s mac also crashed last week and she was devastated. her experience taught me to back up my files , now i have an external one.
    hope things work out well

  5. sending prayers your way for your grandma.

    to make folders in you mac go into your mail from the outside http://www.mac.com
    login and then you can make the folders selecting the icon that looks like a gear a pop down window will open and select new folder

    let me know if you need to figure anything else out:)
    have a great night

  6. Good Morning Candi!

    I’m sorry for your grandmother, send you my love!!!

    I know nothing about mac, but I had a lot of truble 2 months ago with my crashed pc 🙂
    The “benefits” of technology 🙂

  7. hello my beautiful sister!

    you mentioned exercise… oh how i need to exercise. ha!

    many hugs to you and your family!

  8. Your Welcome!! Yes, I did get your email and I’m happy to hear your computer is back, but sorry to hear that you lost all your info. I have a desktop Mac and PC labtop, but the majority of my info is on my MAC. I hope one day nothing happens to it **knocking on wood** Thanks for visiting and keep up the good work! 🙂

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