Don’t Tease Me!

So good news is, I got my computer back. Bad news is I lost everything…and it turns out it’s going back! They replaced my keyboard, and the letter JJJJJJJJJJJJ is about to fall off. A box is to arrive in two days, and it’ll be gone for a bit after that. I closed my shop for the time being and was excited to finally open it up again, but it looks as though that won’t be happening until next week. Thank you for your tips and ideas. I’m off to nurse my gma who had surgery on Monday. Peace Out!

10 Responses

  1. hope grandmama feels better. take care of you too

  2. Aack! Computer problems are pretty much the most frustrating thing on earth! Hope it gets cleared up soon and even more importantly, best to grandma and to you!

  3. yikes… sorry about your computer.

  4. argh how frustrating!!!
    Hope your gma has a hasty recovery!

  5. Take super good care of your g-mas {not that you wouldn’t, I couldn’t imagine anyone better!} & hopefully this crazy computer stuff gets fixed ASAP!!!

  6. well wishes for your grandmother!!!

    and that naught J, you’ll be getting a new one and it will be all better!!

  7. Oh no! I hope everything gets worked out. It sounds like you’re having a rough week. I hope your grandmother feels better soon!

  8. Good luck to your grandmother!

  9. I feel your pain. Last year I lost everything on my computer…TWICE!!! I now have a triple back-up system.

    Give your grammy a big hug.

  10. This happened to me last year too! I know what you are going through and feel for you. Yes, I now know the value of an external hard drive and making sure to back up everything. Hang in there 😉

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