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First and foremost thank you all for your tips and ideas. I called Apple last night, and I had the option of taking it to a store or sending it in. Seeing as I’ve been meaning to get the keys on the keyboard fixed for some time now, I’ve decided to just send it in. I’m typing on my brother’s antiquated computer, which takes about an hour to even type a sentence. I will miss checking out your blogs for the next week or so. I never realized how much I depend on technology! I guess this will be a big test for me! Maybe I’ll do a post on being without a computer for a week, and what I’ve gained or lost for that matter 😉

I received this video from a friend of mine…it’s the cutest ever!!! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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12 Responses

  1. did you ever see that episode of Sex & the City when Carrie lost her computer to a virus? I’m thinking of that for some reason.

    hey, there is more time to watch videos!

  2. Yeah, your computer will be all better!
    I LOVE mac!!! they stand by there product and fix things! I have always had good experiences with my mac computers.

    The only time i have major issues on a computer it is with my work PC which I get a new one every 3 years and they still run like crap! takes forever to turn on, having to run a virus check constantly makes it slow down, it’s just a pain!

    I will always get a mac, their fast, easy to use and they stand by their computers and technology and fix them quickly is any thing does come up.

    sorry i am very vocal on which computers to use, since I do use both, my more positive experience has been with a mac.

  3. I left you an award at my site. 🙂 Hope your computer is fixed, but take your time!

  4. Argh, I feel your pain. I hate being away from my computers or phone or cameras. Hope things work out for you!

  5. glad it’s going to be fixed. PLEASE GET YOURSELF AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE TO BACK UP YOUR DATA DAILY- yes, i’m yelling ;). it is so easy on a mac. connect it and time machine on your mac backs it up. i have this one

  6. Oh, I know how bad it feels to be without my computer! Try to stay cool and relax…
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Arrrgh – I feel your pain and relying on these buggers is so humbling! love that blue-ish zebra throw in the apartment pictures with the elephants.


  8. A follow up post about not having the computer for a week sounds very interesting. Sorry you are having troubles – hope you have a great week!

  9. I’m so glad it’s gone to the doctor! All will be well darling!

  10. I hope they fix your computer soon, i am having with drawl big time!!!!!
    miss you my friend.

  11. Good luck, hope they can fix your Mac without losing your files. I’ve got one PowerBook laptop that’s been running like clockwork for three years now – even if I’ve been blogging like a maniac on it for the last year. I’ve also a new iMac but it’s to early to tell whether it’s reliable. But pc’s are more prone to getting viruses… An external hard drive is always a good idea. Or, ideally, two – keep a backup somewhere else in case there’s a fire…

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