I’m Mad

I have always made it a priority to always post positive things here, but today…I’m making an exception. Last night, I was able to post my latest post, and went to sleep. It’s been a rather ackward week to say the least…it probably all started when my lucky bamboo plant broke right at midnight on the Chinese New Year. If that doesn’t scream bad luck I don’t know what does.

This morning I attempted to turn on my computer, but it decided it wasn’t going to cooperate. I tried everything I possibly could think of, and when looking at the mac manual it stated to insert disc one. I did that, pressed c like it asked me to…and nothing happened. It then stated to back up my files, and erase everything….tried to do that, but nothing was deleted. The apple just sits there, while an annoying circle just goes around and around. At first it told me to restart my computer, but now I think it must really be in a bad state as it just goes around and around and around. What tops it off, is I just extended the warranty, got the discs in the mail, but guess what I never downloaded them to my computer, which means….I don’t have extended warranty on my computer. Oh happy day! No, I don’t have an external hard drive, and I could kick myself in the you know where. I worked so hard on opening an etsy shop and if I lose all my photos guess what that means. I am so upset right now, I don’t know if this is God’s way of getting me not to worry about tomorrow, seeing as I’ve been worried all week about finding out my grandma’s test results, because I was irritated by someone’s email..or what. All I know is, I feel like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, where she tries her hardest to make herself cry but nothing happens. If anyone is mac savvy, please help me. If I lose all my pictures, and have to close my etsy shop, I am going back to a pc. This is my second mac, and I have had it.

13 Responses

  1. first, please don’t go back to a pc. you will have more trouble…
    with that said,.
    how old is your computer? desk ttop of laptop??
    have you spoken to the apple help desk?

    i had this happen on my laptop and they took it for a few days, down loaded all my “stuff” (over 5000 photos) and reloaded everything on a new mother board.
    (and they did it for free. I just had to pay to have them down load and save my “stuff”)

  2. Oh wow, I’m sorry…there’s nothing more irritating than that little annoying circle or the hour glass going around and around. Ugh. Hope you get it fixed soon. I’m defintiely NOT savvy about this stuff!

  3. sorry you are having such a hard time. 😦 I have a MAC and so far so good, so I have not advice to give you. Here’s hoping everything turns out alright.

  4. oooh no. everyone I know loves their Mac…. whew thank goodness I have a POS Dell laptop. it is soooo slow.

  5. Hmmm I’ve heard love and hate stories about Macs… I personally have a PC and haven’t had problems with it… but my hubs has a PC and his BLOWS! So there in lies the conundrum…. Hope your frustration ebbs soon

  6. sorry – I wish I could help, but I know nothing about macs

  7. Oh no!!!! I hope things will sort out. I have to say though, the computer does sound sick….and here I am buying a MacPro tomorrow!!!!!

  8. Aww yuck sometimes technology is sucky! I hope you feel better!

  9. This happened to my mom’s & it was the harddrive. I will say though, that I’ve never installed any of the warranty stuff on my Mac & they always fix it, just bring your little box of stuff with you! I’m so sorry, hope it works out!

  10. Take a deep breath. Then take another one 🙂 Macs are fairly resilient creatures. I wish I could help you out with this one. I’ve known that there are ways to prevent the computer from trying to load everything when it starts up (I think you hold down the F6 or F7 key. This will allow you to communicate with your computer without everything loading. Then look through all your manuels. Also, googling your symptoms brings you to a lot of valuable info!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  11. how is your computer??

  12. Apple really is amazing about repairing quickly, even if you send it in. They fixed my iphone for free even though I broke it–I am very impressed with there service dept. Also, I now want to watch Holiday so badly!!!:) Good Luck!!

  13. oh my gosh i feel so sorry for you! That is horrible. I hope you have got it fixed 😦

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