Help Me Redecorate My Room! Please :)

I’ve decided to redecorate my bedroom, but this time I’m actually following through. I spent the last few days searching different styles and deciding what I do and do not like….and scaring the heck out of myself with feng shui and Chinese New Year superstitions…sorry family! Come to find out, I don’t like much! I’m not really into modern, I love traditional (but not the entire room), shabby chic is NOT my thing, I like a bit of glamour,  I really want a Barcelona chair, crown-moulding, I’m torn between painting my room grey, white, or blue, pink accents or purple accents, what type of table lamp to buy, how to hide the cords to my printer, computer, television, my precious paper shredder, and last but not least for my wallpaper to finally come down!!!!

I have a few posts this week from different things I’ve found, and I’m hoping you, my blog buddies will help me out, since you never let me down!

Wallpaper before I got a hold of it——


As you can see- I started taking down my childhood wallpaper. I didn’t pick this, it was never my style. As a child I wanted posters with Joey from NKOTB, or Dylan McKay, but I was never permitted seeing as my mother didn’t want holes in her precious wallpaper. If I am going to be Lemont and live at home like he did on Sanford & Son, I want to be in a space I actually like! 😉 For those of you who have not seen my bed from the 1800’s that I bought at an antique fair a few months ago…here is my headboard:


Btw…I still haven’t bought new bed linens. I’m still looking for the perfect AFFORDABLE duvet cover or quilt, comforter…what have you. Suggestions, gladly taken 🙂

I decided not to refinish my vintage parlor, but instead have started using this vintage dresser my mom and I found at an antique fair in Sacramento, a few years ago. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep my “stuff” on the vintage mirror that I’ve been using as a tray.


Oh and here’s my Christmas present from my mama! It’s actually made of an old window and has a mirror (which obviously I need to clean!)



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  1. hello, just dropped by looking at more tips for my room, and I noticed were doin the same thing w redecorating teen spaces (im on Lamont status as well lol). Heres what i’ve done so far with my room. Idk if its ur style (or what style it is) but its got crown moulding, and that took forever, so I been showin people 😉

  2. sounds lame but the Martha Stewart line at K-Mart is very nice. make you can for for a 40’s style glamor – a la Katherine Hepburn in Desk Set. Clean lines, vintage luggage, very sleek to let the dresser and bed be your show pieces.

  3. Target also has some cute bedding and accent pieces.

  4. I’m excited to see what you come up with! Your style sounds a lot like mine. I’m really into clean traditional with glam accents. I just love seeing bedroom redos!

  5. What a challenge 🙂 I have to say, I might try doing something FIRST with the walls. Are you super attached to the wall paper? My sister put a textured wall paper up on her walls and then painted over them. It was such a great way to oomph it up!

  6. Thanks for the advice!

    Rachel, sounds like we have similar taste 🙂

    Julia, I don’t think I want wallpaper anymore. I agree, I need to first decide what color I’m going to paint the walls. I’m posting some “looks” I found over the weekend starting tomorrow.

  7. Target has TONS of bedding on sale right now. I bought a set of sheets for super cheap the other day. Ebay is also good for Duvets. I also agree with Charlene – kmart/martha stewart has some inexpensive basics. Clean lines, white/solid duvets and shams, etc. Or if you have a PB outlet around it is pretty much the same items but WAY cheaper.

  8. Oh, what a fun project! I love that Chanel mirror/window–what a great present!

  9. oooh i love the vanity… can i have it?? :p
    I can NOT wait to see your ideas and creativity expressed!

  10. I think you should paint it a nice gray color! Using pink & white accents would be pretty with your natural wood & the bedframe too! I can’t wait to see your progress, good luck!

  11. I picture you as glamorous and vintage, combined. Did you see the Vintage Laundress on SFgirlbybay today? Here is her Flickr set of her home.

    There are some elements that I could see for your room. I picture you with a chandelier in your room. And beautiful vintage trays and bowls to hold your jewelry & mementos. A gorgeous lamp, a beautiful vintage chair – thrift finds of course, but don’t worry if that takes a little time.

    As far as your walls, what colors do you just LOVE? Because you want to wake up happy to that color every morning. You could get a couple of test colors at Home Depot and paint swatches and watch the colors change as the lighting changes throughout the day.

    I like Elle Decor magazine for design inspiration.

    Also, a beautiful indoor plant and a decorative pot for it. Plants give room an extra something special. I get inspired by the design magazines from Florida, as they tend to use a lot of plants.

    Finally, you will want some artwork. Start browsing Etsy for special pillows and paintings/prints to favorite….xo

  12. that window/mirror is awesome!!

  13. OMG the chanel window is fabulous! I love that old headboard too. Very cute.

  14. you are in for a lot of fun my friend.
    with you desire to have a barcelona chair and crown moulding. I say watch a bunch of movies for the 40’s they have awesome sets and the furniture is glamorous. i think you may like what you see. I say watch a few budgy berkly movies and see what transpires.

    also look at some of jonathon adlers work. i think you may like his style.


  15. you have some very nice pieces there, dear. i think dolce chic needs a modest chandelier. we have one in each bedroom and purchased them here

  16. Make inspiration boards – one for each colour or theme you might end up with! Collect photos with things you like – for instance from interior mags or websites. I’m doing one now on my blog for a living room mini-makeover, and it makes me see clearly what I have in my head plus it makes me notice stuff that I didn’t know I wanted!

  17. Thank you for your assistance!

    Callie- any recommendations on good movies? I only watch Carey Grant, and um…Carey Grant! 🙂

    Cindy- Thank you for the link. I would love to have a chandelier, but even if the air conditioner is on in the summer…my bedroom gets so warm, that I need my fan 😦

    The Deco Detective- Thank you for the tip. I’m a gemini and I am always changing lol! I think different design boards would make likfe more difficult for me. I see something, and then I want something different. It’s never ending for me lol!

    Wonderful tips. If anyone has more suggestions, please keep them coming 🙂

  18. Welcome to my never ending world of home decorating! It’s quite fun but a bit overwhelming, too. My advice for the comforter/duvet would be Ikea. I found an adorable duvet cover there a couple weeks ago, which was great because I’d dropped a small fortune on our new mattress and didn’t want to go overboard. Also, check eBay for big ticket items. I just made my first eBay purchase (a rug) and saved a TON! Good luck and keep me posted;)

  19. Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you will check out the Neutral Dwelling online store also at while you are decorating 😉

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