I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here are a few photos that I posted over the weekend. I’m thrilled as I was chosen for another treasury. I can’t believe I’ve been open about 3 weeks, and have been in 5 treasuries…I truly feel blessed!!! I am thinking I may add my scarves to my shop, but haven’t decided. I’ll let you decide! =)

All can be found on etsy at Dolce Chic








All can be found on etsy at-  Dolce Chic


9 Responses

  1. scarves sound great – can you show us some?

  2. I really like the last photo. Very delicate. And I’m with Char… I’d love to see some scarves!

  3. Would love to see scarves! Also, these are lovely–I just found myself sniffing the air for peonies…

  4. awesome! 5 times!!
    I actually am not surprised that much, your work is fabulous!!! and you deserve all the recognition.

  5. Gorgeous! You have a real knack for flowers, especially the very soft and frilly ones 🙂

  6. Oh, I love the color of the last one–that soft, barely there hint of blush. Too gorgeous! Makes me want to wear a dress that color on the red carpet—in my other life as a movie star, of course!

  7. BEAUTIFUL flowers! Are you loving Etsy? It seems to be a wonderful avenue for you these days!

  8. Such divine photographs~
    what expressions of loveliness, you wonder woman!

  9. These are VERY beautiful! I can smell the peonies too…


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