The Sun Has Set

The sun has set in Lake Tahoe, please join me!

This is my second time linking to Hooked On House, but my first time posting on Hooked On Fridays! This is what I’m hooked on right now…and so wish it was July, and the living was easy πŸ™‚ Please check out what other people are hooked on- atΒ  Hooked On Houses!

img_0510Beautiful Emerald Bay

img_0512_2Lone tree on E.B.

img_0514Can you believe we have to walk UP those steps in this high altitude? Nap time! πŸ˜‰


img_0516If you look closely, you can see Miss Dixie/Tahoe Queen coming in for the night!

img_0517If only that was real gold!

img_0519Gorgeous to look at

img_0527Peaceful to look at and listen to.

img_0532Can you believe we got this close?

I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of our day trip to Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay! Next installment in July when we attend the celebrity golf tournament!

21 Responses

  1. these pictures are beautiful!

  2. Those stone steps are gorgeous! Steep, but gorgeous! Such pretty pictures, it looks so calm & serene rather than the typical “party” pics you see at Lake Tahoe way too often, ha!

  3. Fun stuff! I love the waterfall pictures!

  4. As a geologist (my real job) this would be absolute heaven! Look at all those fractures! Wow!

  5. Thank you, I loved joining you in Lake Tahoe. Truly sent a wave of peacefulness throughout my being. I just love it there. Jay and I had our summer vacation in north shore last July. It was heaven. I am pretending to smell the pines right now…

  6. Oh, how lovely. What amazing photos! Thanks for joining my blog party and sharing these with us. I feel like I was there with you! -Julia πŸ™‚

  7. looks like a wonderful time – loving that lone tree and the arched bridge.

  8. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  9. okay that last image! wow, i can’t believe how powerful that water fall is!!!

  10. Great stonework on the stone steps and the bridge.

    PS – I thought you were on twitter w/the name of your old blog? It was your pic… I just linked to you there today…

  11. Wonderful landscape. So rugged and rich. I know Lake Tahoe from a short visit many years ago on the way to Southern CA and I absolutely loved the lake. It reminded be a little bit of a Swiss (I’m Swiss) mountain resort town.

  12. I love Lake Tahoe. When I was in high school and college my Dad and I would take a father/daughter trip to Tahoe every winter and cross country ski for a week. It was always the best trip of the year. Tahoe is so beautiful, and we would have so much fun together. I miss those trips . . . great memories!

    How are you doing? xoxo.

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  14. looks like you had a fabulous time! it’s such a beautiful place, would love to sit somewhere close by and read a book while enjoying the gorgeous scenery!

  15. Beautiful! I have never been, but always wanted to go. Someday! For now I have seen through your eyes and it was lovely!

  16. Beautiful photos!

  17. what lovely photos πŸ™‚ I’ve never been there before, but it looks like such a wonderful place to visit.

  18. Whoah! I would LOVE to visit a place like that! Reminds me of the Adirondacks, which I visited a year and a half ago. I’m a sucker for scenery like that and all the playing and picture taking that’s involved.

  19. Man, I’m so jealous!! I’ve never explored tahoe the way you have. Everytime I’ve been it’s been “setup camp and start drinking”. 😦 I’m going to have meet you up there some time with you so you can share all of the beauty you’ve found.

  20. i want to slide off my shoes and splash around in the creek before eatting a picnic dinner as the sun sets!

  21. oh and btw – in the year i lived there i never went to tahoe. i know this is shocking. my brother went 3 or 4 times but never took me 😦

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