Virtual Vacation

Today we’re going on a virtual vacation to none other than my favorite place in the entire world, Lake Tahoe….which resides in both California, and Nevada.

img_2915First stop Edgewood Golf Course, Stateline, Nevada

tahoe06Gorgeous view of the Lake

tahoe06_21Lounging on the beach

img_0497Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

img_0498Tahoe Queen/Ms. Dixie leaving Emerald Bay

img_0509Bonsai at Emerald Bay

Since Tahoe is just too beautiful, it’s impossible to see everything in one day! Back tomorrow!


17 Responses

  1. ohmygoodess I SO SO want to go. I say let’s do it! 🙂

  2. Pretty pictures!

  3. Hecks yeah! We can party it up with celebrities in July during the golf tournament!!! =)

  4. wow, what an amazing place! i dont think i’ve been to a lake before? isn’t that crazy? uk’s kinda lacking in spectacular landscapes like that , thanks for the vitual vacation, i feel refreshed & happier already 😉

  5. these are beautiful. virtual vacation are great.

  6. I USED TO LIVE IN NORTH LAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! I would ski Squaw all the time. I worked at Garwoods in Carnelian Bay! SO FUN! It is my fav place as well!!!!

  7. So pretty!!! I miss living so close to Tahoe. 😦 I never really took advantage of it…and now I’m sad about it.

  8. have a great time

  9. How i love Tahoe and haven’t been there in years! Thanks for taking me back! Forgot the beauty of the place!

  10. aaahh, I have not been to Lake Tahoe since I was a kid! It is beautiful. I remember driving around the lake.

  11. oh, thank you. i really needed a vacation!

  12. Ooh, Lake Tahoe! Currently foaming at the mouth…NEEDS WARM WEATHER!

  13. Love the idea of a virtual location–I think I will take one to Paris! Lake Tahoe is just beautiful–I love mountain towns!

  14. Thank you for the lovely trip! 🙂


  15. Despite having traveled extensively around the world, I have never been to Lake Tahoe. I clearly need to add it to my list.

  16. Hi!
    Catching up on my Dolce Chic reading!
    Love Tahoe! Did a tango festival in Reno for five years, and always loved that area.
    The LV jewel box! Oh My! Buy a knock off bag (often at the Goodwiil ha ha) and rip it apart, and glue the parts onto a box, and there you have your own just like that!
    The Hermes belt I love because my last name is HHHHHHart!
    The Balenciaga bag is to die for.
    And your photos! How divine!
    And hope I’m on your blog roll, because I love that little award and want to put it on my blog! It’s so cute!
    xo xo

  17. love these shots!! last time i was in tahoe was for the 4th of july 🙂

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