Hearting Nicole’s Louis Case

After seeing this photo of Nicole Richie with her fab Louis Vuitton jewelry box, I decided to do some searching. I found this gorgeous vintage jewelry box on Go Antiques. I want it!!!!! It’s 1950.00, I’m taking donations 🙂



Nicole Richie in In Style Magazine Fall 2008- Photo courtesy of Nicole Richie.Nu


Vintage Louis Vuitton Jewelry Case


Both Images Courtesy Of Go Antiques


19 Responses

  1. gorgeous!! I want one too!!! 🙂

  2. Wow, if I could afford it, I would buy it for you!

  3. oh that is beautiful. and useful right? 🙂

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my site!

  4. That’s way too fun! Of course I want one too now.

    x Kylie

  5. Wowee! If you raise enough money, you might as well keep going and double your funds, just so I can have one too 😉

    And I’m strangely intrigued by Nicole Richie. I think she’s really quite beautiful in a bit of an odd way…and she seems like she’d kinda be a cool chick to hang out with, especially since she had her baby.

  6. Oh *wow* I’m very jealous of her delicate jewelry…
    She’s one of my inspirations….
    I saw her in some julessmithdesigns.com jewelry and bought the horseshoe necklace… love it and affordable too!

  7. fun…if I had not already moved some of my antique luggage I would show you mine – I use a train case from the 40’s as my jewelry box.

    wish I could just give it to you – everyone should indulge now and again.

  8. louis vuitton’s always been my one of my favs, classic & fab craftsmanship, all her jewellery are gorgeous too! what’s better than a lv jewellery box? a lv jewellery box filled with stunning jewellery! 😉

  9. i too am taking donations! i would love to have that jewerly box!!!

  10. Wow, that is going straight to my wish list too! A girl can dream.

  11. i’m just shocked that that’s Nicole Richie! she looks so different there!

  12. Of course she has a tiara. I wonder where she wears it? Mine is in the shop.

  13. I must say that when I saw that ad, I was more interested in the LV box than I was her jewels too!! teehee.

  14. whoaaaa, awesome!!!

  15. oh how fun are these shots?

  16. I LOVE Nicole Richie!

  17. Well, once you get your LV box, I’ll be happy to donate some jewelry: heartbyheather.etsy.com. 😉

    But that’s Nicole Richie??! Doesn’t even look like the old Paris’ party pal.

  18. once you’ve collected enough money from your donations, pass along the rest to me!

    it is gorgeous.

  19. GREAT advertising! I hope you get donations! 🙂

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