Rigged Tag!

Katie of A Southern Girl In The City was kind enough to tag me to post my 4th photo in my 4th folder more than a few weeks ago, and I feel bad that I am NOW just getting to this. My apologies as this has been a beyond eventful month! Have I mentioned that we’ve had problems with our septic tank since Christmas day? Just as my grandma was starting to feel a little relief, our septic decided to go out, and we’ve had problems ever since. Lets just say there was a  flood in my bedroom yesterday that started in the toilet. I won’t go into more detail, as this usually proud-to-live-in-the-country girl…..isn’t so proud at the moment!

Ok, so needless to say when I initially decided to post these I realized that I don’t have 4 photos in my 4th folder. Who would have ever thought?! Katie was kind enough to rig the game a bit for me, and allow me to post my first photo in the seventh folder. Good, seeing as I only have 1 photo in this folder!

img_0150This photo was taken at the Brad Paisley Concert in Marysville, California in 2007!

I will now tag 4 people to either post their 4th photo in their 4th folder…or if they’re like me and don’t have four…their first of folder 7!

Sister Katie of She’s Lump

Maegan of Little House On Green

Anne of The City Sage

Callie of Grayson: A Different Shade Of Grey

9 Responses

  1. Oh boy, tagged! I wonder what the pic will be…I hope it’s something inspiring and chic and gorgeous. But knowing me, it’ll probably be some random facebook profile photo from four years ago.

    I’m off to find out what it is!

  2. Wow what cool randomness!
    Love Paisley though!

  3. great shot – concert shots are so difficult and you nailed this one.

  4. I am so jealous!! I looove brad paisley!! I wish I could have made it to his concert when they came into Vegas.

  5. What a fun tag 🙂

  6. you know that shot actually makes a pretty good photo!

    and YEAH! thanks for the tag, sweet sister!

  7. love love love love brad!

  8. Rigging the tag turned out great. I love your photo. There’s something about Brad Baby – he’s such a cutie and great musician!

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