Yay!!!! (UPDATED)


Good morning! So I am even more excited than I was last night, I just found out I’m in a new treasury today as well 🙂 If you’re interested in checking out the beautiful work, here’s the link! Thank you all for your support, I couldn’t be more appreciative 🙂

This is the photo that is being featured…..


Mixed English Bouquet Print

It’s a rarity when I post during the weekend, much less post TWICE! I hope you won’t mind seeing as I am beyond excited that I am being featured in a gorgeous treasury! This is thrilling, as it is my very first one too! Please check it out, as every shop featured is absolutely beautiful. Here’s the link!

I am so excited that my shop is getting exposure!

img_4165Pink Eden Rose Print

24 Responses

  1. congratulations! that’s wonderful

  2. Thank you!

  3. Yay, go you and your photos! How exciting.

  4. congratulations!

  5. I just received my notecards from you and they are FABULOUS!!! They are better then I could have imagined! They are so nice that I don’t want to use them…

  6. wooohooo congrats!!!!

  7. Congrats!! I love hearing about it!

  8. WOO! So awesome! Totally proud of you sister! 🙂

  9. i *heart* your blog…
    your creativity is mindblowing!

    Looking forward to being a chic follower!

  10. A very well deserved congratulations. Your prints are so beautiful Candi.

  11. Congratulations! I had to click the link to figure out what a treasury was and, now that I know, I agree…it’s a big honor! You are so talented, Candi:) Hope you’re having a great new year. And is your grandma doing better, I hope?

  12. Thank you all so much, I appreciate your kindness! 🙂

  13. that’s wonderful news candi, you totally deserve it! you’re so talented and i hope even better things will happen in the coming year!

  14. congratulations! you deserve it. such beautiful prints!

  15. Congrats on the exposure, you deserve it! I love that first image. Amazing.

  16. Congrats, I love the Treasuries, its always fun to find new things and the people who put them together have such a good eye. Of course, since they picked your photo!

  17. you are awesome!
    I received my photo on Saturday! It is absolutely breath taking! better in person then on the computer!!!!
    I can’t wait to frame it!

  18. ps
    love the note cards! already used one as a special note to my friend sick in the hospital.

  19. BEAUTIFUL photos! Congrats!

  20. Awe Dolce my dear – I am so excited to open your blog and see that you like my treasury. But you should know that your photos could hold their own in a treasury and the most awsome-est ever. I heart your style. I was just happy to see you happy. 🙂

  21. That’s great…but your work speaks for itself so I am not surprised!

  22. HURRAY! Congratulations darling! These images are beautiful, just breathtaking!

  23. Beautiful pictures honey! And congratulations! 🙂

  24. Love the Mixed English Bouquet print … beautiful! Love the colours. 🙂

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