Home Decor For 2009

2008 may have just concluded less than a week ago, but Interior designers are predicting big changes in 2009 in terms of home decor. See if you agree……


Due to the poor economy, people are tending to entertain at home. Since consumers aren’t in the market to just up and buy a new dining room set or chairs, we won’t see  as much  “matchy-matchy.”

The Color GRAY

For us blog readers, we’ve noticed that rooms have been heading in more neutral tones for some time. This year, different shades of gray are going to be everywhere. Experts are warning that this color is going to take a huge dive, just as the recent “chocolate brown/robins egg blue” combo did. Do you think it’s going to burn off or is gray here to stay?


My mom will be happy about this one, seeing as she recently purchased her vintage stove. While it may not be in working condition, many people are heading the same route and purchasing retro appliances from the 1940s- the 1980s (which doesn’t seem so retro to me.)


This year fancy garage doors with wrought iron, hinges, and latches are making a statement.


Not as in Nate Berkus favorite accessory, but as in the actual color. In years past “you’d see the color paired with teal, but in 2009 it’ll be matched with plums and grays.”


Carmen Natscchke of “The Decorating Diva” is seeing multicultural decor taking center stage. What used to be taboo, is ringing steady in the New Year. She states your best bet when combining decor from different cultures is “a balanced look.”
All photos courtesy of MSN. If you’d like more information on these trends, and to see what is OUT for 2009, please follow this link to “New Year, New Home.”

14 Responses

  1. Grey will always be #1 in my books! And I’m totally feeling the mismatched chairs look…it’s’ a very Domino magazine thing to do…

    Not so sure about the color coral—though I guess there are different versions of it. I like the more red take on coral, but the peachy coral? not so much…

    it’ll be interesting to see how these predictions play out!

  2. i’m loving all these new predictions, especially the retro appliances and the fab colour grey! i like the idea of mismatched chairs too!

  3. we are getting a new dining room table tomorrow!!! Good to know we dont have to search for matching chairs too! 🙂

  4. I’m glad matchey-matchey is out the door. and I love grays warmed with earth tones.

  5. Wooo! I love the mismatched chairs idea because I need a new dining room table and all of them come sans chairs so that will get pricey.

  6. I am there with Anne on the Grey!
    and the colour coral is not one of my favorites, reminds me of the 80’s with hunter green.
    I prefer the plums with the grey colour.

    great post, love to see how everything actually turns out.

  7. I love ALL of them. I usually stay away from trends but these are all so sensible. I ADORE grey walls and would love to have some retro appliances!

  8. I also love them all! I’m excited to see what this year has in store for us, but if it’s at all like these predictions, I know it’ll be great. And I swear, my mom has a chair just like that grey one – I’m thinking refinishing project, ha!

  9. Oh I LOVE mis-matched chairs – so fun and unique!

  10. Gray will not be going out because I just painted my dining room blue/gray this year and I refuse to paint again! This is a great post Candi. I have always loved seeing a less “intentional” look when it comes to dining rooms. It makes them less formal and more friendly.
    Congrats on being an Etsy treasure!
    Lisa & Alfie

  11. ooooh the color gray. YES! Gray, black, white and red my most favorite color combo EVER. 🙂

  12. wow! you’ve been busy. 2009 has some good stuff in store if these are the trends.

    congrats on the Etsy treasure. i’m not familiar with that, so i will go click on your link now to find out more.

  13. Ooh, I love the table with the mismatched chairs. Very cool!

  14. Great post

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