Other than the essentials- health, love, shelter, and money to pay the bills…I would really, really, really love to have this bag. Isn’t it so pretty?! It’s screaming my name!!!

giantcity_173084d94jg1202_fbisGiant City Balenciaga Bag


11 Responses

  1. gorgie!! I’m a bag fiend

  2. Oh my gosh, that bag it gor-gioso! Love it!

    If you ever want a Hobo bag let me know, my SIL works for Hobo and I can get those for pennies, or free.

    Hope your 2009 is fabulous . . . and I hope, and pray, your Grandma is doing better.

    xoxo Maegan

  3. that is too funny. don’t you know a great bag IS an essential???

    it’s beautiful. i hope you get and all the other essentials in 2009!

    happy new year, doll!

  4. love the bag, too. thank you so much for your sweet sweet words on your visit to my blog. i wish you much joy for ’09! you are amazing. you seem to be doing so much, creating, selling, photographs, etc. good for you.

  5. oh yeah it has candi written all over it!!!!!

  6. Okay, you totally deserve it! Go & get it now, it needs to share 2009 with you! Happy New Year darling!

  7. Haha I wish I could afford it now! 🙂

  8. this gorgeous! i’ve a huge weakness for handbags, i’m hoping to invest in an expensive(ish)one from the sales!

  9. Oh my… Balenciaga is way up there on my list!!! I have several fakes… but a real one… I would just die.

  10. I heart the Balenciaga City bags. That one is a great color too.

  11. oh man!!! I loooooooove Balenciaga bags!!!!!!!! If I ever had $1000+ fall into my lap I would definitely purchase one!!!

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