So Cute

First and foremost thank you all for your tips and ideas. I called Apple last night, and I had the option of taking it to a store or sending it in. Seeing as I’ve been meaning to get the keys on the keyboard fixed for some time now, I’ve decided to just send it in. I’m typing on my brother’s antiquated computer, which takes about an hour to even type a sentence. I will miss checking out your blogs for the next week or so. I never realized how much I depend on technology! I guess this will be a big test for me! Maybe I’ll do a post on being without a computer for a week, and what I’ve gained or lost for that matter 😉

I received this video from a friend of mine…it’s the cutest ever!!! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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I’m Mad

I have always made it a priority to always post positive things here, but today…I’m making an exception. Last night, I was able to post my latest post, and went to sleep. It’s been a rather ackward week to say the least…it probably all started when my lucky bamboo plant broke right at midnight on the Chinese New Year. If that doesn’t scream bad luck I don’t know what does.

This morning I attempted to turn on my computer, but it decided it wasn’t going to cooperate. I tried everything I possibly could think of, and when looking at the mac manual it stated to insert disc one. I did that, pressed c like it asked me to…and nothing happened. It then stated to back up my files, and erase everything….tried to do that, but nothing was deleted. The apple just sits there, while an annoying circle just goes around and around. At first it told me to restart my computer, but now I think it must really be in a bad state as it just goes around and around and around. What tops it off, is I just extended the warranty, got the discs in the mail, but guess what I never downloaded them to my computer, which means….I don’t have extended warranty on my computer. Oh happy day! No, I don’t have an external hard drive, and I could kick myself in the you know where. I worked so hard on opening an etsy shop and if I lose all my photos guess what that means. I am so upset right now, I don’t know if this is God’s way of getting me not to worry about tomorrow, seeing as I’ve been worried all week about finding out my grandma’s test results, because I was irritated by someone’s email..or what. All I know is, I feel like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, where she tries her hardest to make herself cry but nothing happens. If anyone is mac savvy, please help me. If I lose all my pictures, and have to close my etsy shop, I am going back to a pc. This is my second mac, and I have had it.

Day 2

This first photo is from a website that I must have found about a year ago. I hate not knowing whose image it is…if you happen to know, please do tell, as I’d like to give credit, where credit is due.

guide_blueThis is my absolute favorite photo of all time!!!

Photos of Olivia Palermo’s NYC apartment have been floating around lately, and it’s no lie…I ONLY watch The City, to drool over her cousin J/K! No I really love her apartment. I love the elephant in the photo, my brother actually has one that he inherited from my grandparents that’s quite similar, but he refuses to let me have it. I’ll just have to keep checking dear old etsy!




Photos courtesy of NY Post

Interior Inspirations Day 1

I have been in love with Ivanka Trump’s jewelry store since the first day I saw photos of it. Chic To Be (who has a gorgeous blog) showcased these photos a few months ago. Isn’t this place beautiful?! Stay tuned the rest of the week, as I have more inspiring interiors to follow!


I remember falling in love with a similar material that these curtains were made of, but it was a chaise lounge cushion. If you posted it, please let me know where I can find them…as I have been looking everywhere for the link!




All photos from the Ivanka Trump website

Help Me Redecorate My Room! Please :)

I’ve decided to redecorate my bedroom, but this time I’m actually following through. I spent the last few days searching different styles and deciding what I do and do not like….and scaring the heck out of myself with feng shui and Chinese New Year superstitions…sorry family! Come to find out, I don’t like much! I’m not really into modern, I love traditional (but not the entire room), shabby chic is NOT my thing, I like a bit of glamour,  I really want a Barcelona chair, crown-moulding, I’m torn between painting my room grey, white, or blue, pink accents or purple accents, what type of table lamp to buy, how to hide the cords to my printer, computer, television, my precious paper shredder, and last but not least for my wallpaper to finally come down!!!!

I have a few posts this week from different things I’ve found, and I’m hoping you, my blog buddies will help me out, since you never let me down!

Wallpaper before I got a hold of it——


As you can see- I started taking down my childhood wallpaper. I didn’t pick this, it was never my style. As a child I wanted posters with Joey from NKOTB, or Dylan McKay, but I was never permitted seeing as my mother didn’t want holes in her precious wallpaper. If I am going to be Lemont and live at home like he did on Sanford & Son, I want to be in a space I actually like! 😉 For those of you who have not seen my bed from the 1800’s that I bought at an antique fair a few months ago…here is my headboard:


Btw…I still haven’t bought new bed linens. I’m still looking for the perfect AFFORDABLE duvet cover or quilt, comforter…what have you. Suggestions, gladly taken 🙂

I decided not to refinish my vintage parlor, but instead have started using this vintage dresser my mom and I found at an antique fair in Sacramento, a few years ago. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep my “stuff” on the vintage mirror that I’ve been using as a tray.


Oh and here’s my Christmas present from my mama! It’s actually made of an old window and has a mirror (which obviously I need to clean!)


Red, Red, Red!

UPDATE: What’s written “In honor of Chinese New Year” was written at approximately 11:49.

11:50- Clamored to the bathroom to wash my face seeing as it was supposed bad luck to clean/wash anything after midnight. Gotcha.

11:55, back in bed…time to finish up the post.

11:58, remembered that I had read that you are supposed to open all windows and doors to let the evil spirits of the past year out at midnight.

12:00 strikes, I try to open my window, somehow my money tree which is on the table below my windowsill decides to fall off  and the pot breaks. Good going, Candace (that’s what I’m called when I’m in trouble, as you’ve noticed I never reference myself by the full first name.) Oh did I forget to mention that the window didn’t open? Nope, and I was forced to clean up the mess. Blah, blah, blah. I had to laugh though, of all things to happen and right at midnight…I mean within seconds. I think I’m going to take back the money in the envelopes…I have to buy a new pot!


In honor of Chinese New Year, I have posted some unique items in the color promised to bring good luck this year of the Ox, red.

PS….Don’t clean, wash your hair, or use a knife or scissors today. Either I’ve lost it, or I’m going to have a plethora of luck this year. Oh yeah, don’t do any lending today or you will be lending the entire year….which doesn’t make sense seeing as they state you should put a crisp one dollar bill in a red envelope for your loved ones? I think Stevie Wonder wrote Superstition for me. When you believe in things that you don’t understand…………..

11545559_black_dialLouis Vuitton, Tambor Forever Watch


dsc_0177_detailLove Quotes, Italian Linen Scarf in Campari


moscc2006224765_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831346092Moschino Cheap and Chic, Strapless Dress with Bow Detail


0418010274906r__astl_300x400Jean Paul Gaultier, Linen Trench Dress

Saks Fifth Avenue

11422524_redLouis Vuitton- Epi Leather Bowling Montaigne PM


In honor of my new homegirl, Whitney:

0403812980742r_300x400Infant Girls Quilted Burberry Coat

Saks Fifth Avenue

0415703710772r_300x400Stokke Xplory Stroller with Bassinet

Saks Fifth Avenue

Have a great Chinese New Year: Gung Hay Fat Choy

Feng Shui

With the weather on the rainy side here in California…there’s nothing I’d rather do than relax at home. Well, that is until I had a look at my bedroom. My intention was to clean earlier in the week, so I could post pictures of my bed, and dresser because I still haven’t done anything to my bedroom and need your interior design expertise. I decided I’d have a look at feng shui videos on you tube, to gain a better idea on bringing positive energy into my space, and possibly into my life.

My question is this…do you believe in it? I just watched a video where the woman states if your home is facing the north, you shouldn’t have a red door because that is a yan color, and yin is north. Well, I happen to love our bright pink/fuschia colored door…could that be bringing negative energy our way? Please give me your opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Here’s a video on the top ten tips of feng shui, in case you’re like me and energy, karma, yin, yan have taken over your life! lol