Sayonara 2008!

Dear 2008, I’m not going to miss you when you’re gone. I have a million reasons why I hate your stinking guts, but I have one fabulous reason why I love you, and we elected him on November 4th.

I know I keep jinxing my family and I by saying oh it’s going to be a better year, blah, blah, blah, blah…but I am really trying desperately hard to believe it. I am praying for health, wealth, happiness, love, and good times for my family and I. Not to quote Ruby Sue from my favorite movie, Christmas Vacation, but “we were good last year and we still got the shaft!”

If you have to give us stress, could it please be the “omg I have a fabulous new job stress”,  “damn it, my life is so tough, I have to stay in on a Saturday night”, “ugggh I don’t know what to wear”, or my all-time favorite….”damn that 6’4″ dark haired, hot, chiseled cowboy wants to take me out, I’m so nervous.” I can’t help it, I had to add that…I love handsome, well dressed cowboys, and not just ones from Dallas.

I’ve been practicing reading, “The Secret”….so hopefully my list of demands will come to fruition in 2009. My family and I are ready for some relaxation…oh and working toilets! Gotta love living in the cuts in the middle of winter 😉

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

The Dream

The Dream


14 Responses

  1. your post is very sweet. i hope all of your dreams come true in 2009, including that microphone. happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year Candi!!!
    I could not agree more with your post…:) Glad to leave back 2008 🙂
    I strongly hope 2009 be a better year, to a better world too!


  3. I’m with you Ms. DC – may all your hopes, dreams, aspirations and wishes come true for you and me. Aloha 2009 – I’m ready for you baby.

  4. awww you are too cute, lady! and you know you can come visit me in Dallas and I’ll let you have all the hot Cowboys here!

    I wish you well this New Year!

    Much love to you and your family.

  5. Candi, I hope that 2009 brings you everything your heart desires (I especially hope that tall, handsome cowboy shows up. I’ve got a thing for cowboys too!) . . . I’m looking forward to a continued friendship with you in the near year!


  6. I like how you think! I agree 100% on the 2008 bit…and I love your reasons for potential stress in 2009! Take care and have a VERY Happy New Year!

  7. I totally, 100% agree with you. I’m very blessed for what I have and what I have experienced, but yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. I hope your 2009 is wonderful, and that you can capture that beauty with that cool new camera you got 🙂

  8. Happy new year darling! you deserve the best so here’s to looking forward to a fabulous year!

  9. Oh, I love the Ruby Sue quote, so funny! Here’s to a better 2009 for you and yours!

  10. keep livin’ the dream! it will be reality soon!

    and happy new year to you, Candi!

  11. Well said! This is exactly how I feel about 2008! Roll on 2009! Hope you and your family’s dreams do come true.

  12. so true …I was going to add that to my list as well ..but it looks like I forgot! Happy 2009. …may it be better than ever!

  13. Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy New Year!
    xo xo

  14. Happy 2009!

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