Happy Thoughts Day 4

Seeing as I haven’t slept, I went to the store without makeup on this morning at 6am for my ill grandmother and I’ve been more than just a caregiver…but an actual “nurse” to her today, I’m having a hard time coming up with a happy thought. I guess my happy thought is that even though she’s in immense pain, she’s able to take a nap…since she didn’t sleep a wink either (last night.) I’m hoping she feels better, and won’t need to go to the hospital. We think we have it bad enough with her forgetfulness thanks to dementia, and her syncope which causes her to pass out at the most inconvenient times….we really don’t need this added stress! The doctor has her on a liquid diet, and I wish my liquid diet consisted of a shot of patron.

Last Week- Across the street from my house

Last Week- Across the street from my house


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  1. I’m so sorry to read of your worries and stress with your grandmother – my happy thought for you is that you’re able to care for her when so many families cannot. My sister went through something like this when she cared from my mother before she died. So many people never realize how stressful it on the caregiver. I’m glad you have some outlets.

  2. i’m sorry for your grandmother. i hope she is feeling better very soon–for Christmas especially!

    and i hope you get the rest you need. you are very kind and loving to help take care of her.

    on another note—candi, this photo is amazing! i love spontaneous captured moments liek that!

  3. oh no, your grandmother is in my prayers tonight and throughout the weekend! I will pray for rest for you to have strength to care for her. my sweet candi! you are special and I am glad you are my friend.
    have a good weekend, i will check up on you and grandma tomorrow!!
    much love your way.

    ps i received my beautiful ornaments! I love them. I will be doing my happy post tomorrow, and they are featured! love them to pieces. they look amazing in my tree. tell you mum she does fantastic work. I see where you get your creativity from:)

  4. Hey Kiddo,
    You know I quit a job to be the primary caregiver for my grandmother. It is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. And never regretted a minute of it after she passed. I did have my share of margarita’s on my days off though! I’m sending happy thoughts to both of you.
    Lisa & Alfie

  5. i’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother and hope she’ll find comfort, soon. it’s not easy being a caregiver, but it’s such a loving thing to do. one happy thing is that you still have her with you and your mom, too. hope you get some rest, it’s important to take care of you, too.

  6. Oh darling! What an incredible responsibility. These are such difficult situations, though, I’m sure that in those moments when she’s resting, when she feels safe, when she’s blissfully happy, even if it’s blithly unaware, that you can rest and know, without a doubt that you are doing an amazing job, that she would be beyond appreciative, if she was “here”! Carry on! Carry on! Sending you love!

  7. Candi, you are an amazing young woman and a blessing to your family. Your grandma (and you) are in my prayers today. I hope you were able to get some sleep.

    ps – when I have to dash out with no makeup I put o big sunglasses and lipstick and pretend I’m famous. In my head.

    pps – that is a great photo!

  8. candi, take care of yourself… you are a gift to your grandma.
    love the photo!!!!
    my best,

  9. Candi my dear, I have just given you an award!

  10. Candi honey, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through with your Grandma. You’re such a strong amazing women and you show such great strength. I truely admire you! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    I love you!

  11. I hope your grandmother gets better. Silver Patron sounds yummy!

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