Happy Thoughts Day 2

I got carded at the grocery store tonight. I might only be 27, but it really puts me in a bad mood when I’m not (carded.) lol

I’ve always wanted to do a side braid and found this video. It looks pretty easy!

13 Responses

  1. Yeah! I love getting carded!!
    yes the video makes it look pretty easy. I have short hair now, but i may be able to do a little french braid. I will try this weekend.

  2. I get carded all the time if I’m by myself or with girlfriends . . . but if I’m with my husband I never get carded, and that bums me out.

    My hair is not long enough for braids right now – earlier this summer I had a “sub” hair stylist because my girl was on vacation, and the sub gave me a freakin’ mullet!!! Serious. I got it fixed right when my usual girl / hair pro came back, but I lost about 5 inches. I’m still a little bitter about it. I can’t make a pony tail yet 😦

  3. i haven’t received them yet, but our mail is very slow here in chicago. You’d think it was 1900 when there was a faster way of transport than horse and carriage!

  4. I got carded a couple of weeks ago….but then I realized they carded EVERYONE. *smile* The side braid looks cute.

  5. I so would mess this up. 😦 ha.

    and nope, girly, don’t have a facebook bloggity-blog thing.

  6. I get soo mad when I’m not carded too! I totally take offense and go home and slather on eye cream, ha! And thanks for the video, I’ve always wanted to do a side braid, but was also clueless on how!

  7. The day that I stop being carded will be cause for great chaos. I recognize that I am getting older and will soon here people say, “ma’am” but I am holding out as long as humanly possible.

  8. I seem to get carded more for cigarettes than alcohol! And each time I get asked for my ID I cheerfully hand it over! 🙂

  9. ha! that is too funny…I get carded quite a bit but I bet if I didn’t I would be annoyed!

  10. Your house looks so fun and festive for Christmas! I am glad your Mom went all out again. That’s happy. Also, I am totally watching this braiding video and learning something. Thanks. (-:

  11. what a coincidence…i literally just came across this video about 10 minutes ago on youtube when i was looking for a makeup tutorial…of all the millions of vids on youtube it’s such a co-inky-dink we came across the same one! was this the lauren conrad inspired braid one?

  12. love your happy thoughts posts!

  13. haha, i love getting carded too.

    the side braid is so cute! i’m gonna have to watch the video later when I get internet back at my house!

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