Home For Christmas

We started decorating the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, but only finished decorating both trees last night. This is the first time since my parents split up that my mom has gone all out for Christmas, for that was the day our entire lives changed. Things may be different, for instance our antique tractor we used to have on the lawn strung with rotating lights on the tires, and santa waving to the passerbys had to be sold, but new traditions have been started, such as the vintage Christmas tree in the front window.


The fresh tree

The fresh tree

The vintage ornament tree

The vintage ornament tree


My mom's new vintage stove

My mom's new vintage stove


Check out Hooked On Houses & The Inspired Room for more homes decorated for the holidays!


35 Responses

  1. Aw, it’s all so lovely and warm! And those vintage ornaments are quite impressive. I love how traditional/vintage it all is together – nice job!

  2. Everything looks so festive! I love the John Deere stocking, it’s awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. FUN vintage! Good to old and new traditions! ENJOYing the season is what it’s all about!

  4. Christmas decorations are always so much fun. Your house looks so festive, how wonderful!

  5. thanks, girly! i think you are a constant of positivity, too! that’s why i visit your blog regularly! πŸ™‚

    um, can i just say, if that stove did not look like it weighed a million pounds, i’d just have to go steal it from your mom! it’s amazing! and it’s GREEN!!!! my favorite color!!!

    have a super super week!

  6. Great job. the stove is awesome and i like your outdoor stuff too. mishelle

  7. Wow! Your vintage ornaments are GORGEOUS. I love them, and the vintage stove, too! What a fun tour. Thanks for joining my blog party and inviting us in! -Julia πŸ™‚

  8. we do two trees also. i love your mom’s vintage stove.

  9. Candi – I am in love with THAT STOVE. And the vintage ornaments. And the folksy tree with the popcorn garland (I could never do that, my cats LOVE popcorn and would spend all day gnawing on the tree). And your new header is adorable and so artistic. It’s Very Merry over here on Dolce Chic!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ve been out of (blogging) commission for a couple of weeks but work is less crazy now so I can get back to visiting. I’m on Julia’s house tour too – stop on by!

  10. wow, your house looks terrific! i wish you could come over to our home and work your magic ;). glad mom is feeling festive this year and i love your jadeite collection, especially that rolling pin!

  11. ohmygosh…first, i just spent some time catching up. and catching up. and catching up. you’ve been busy since i’ve been on holiday!

    second…so glad to hear your mom is back at happy again…decorating is one of the first signs, yes? and from the looks of it, she is very very happy!

    third. thanks for all of this niceness you put out there. it’s a gift. {oh, and you’re BEAUTIFUL in your birthday pic! wow!}

    that’s four if you’re counting. xoxo.

  12. soooo pretty. I wish I had a house to decorate! my condo is just way too small.

  13. So fun! Love your mantle and tree especially – so festive and lovely!


  14. Love your tree and the wreath on the door!

  15. Hey!!! I finally made it home! I rolled in Saturday night and have been sleeping and rolling around town checking out all the changes. Thanks for your sweet comments. I am so happy to be home with my daddy. I will be keeping the same name but now I guess it will have new meaning?

    I love your Christmas Decor pictures by the way. Nothing like a little Holiday cheer to bring people back to life!

  16. Love all the decorations!

  17. How lovely that it’s softly snowing on this page. Don’t you just love Christmas?

  18. Love the vintage stove! Great!

  19. Your decorations are lovely. Here’s to starting new traditions…


  20. whoops. I wasn’t supposed to post that last post on my blog. πŸ˜‰

  21. It’s fun to make new traditions. The tree looks lovely. I Adore all the vintage ornaments on it. I also love your mom’s new stove, I actually collect Fireking myself which I see some of the shakers on top of the stove. It looks lovely!

    Karen O.

  22. Oodles of sweet nostalgia!
    xo xo xo

  23. i love the john deere stocking….awesome!!! seriously awesome.

  24. Everything looks wonderful and I love the wreath! Thanks for sharing it all with us!
    Merry Christmas!

  25. I love those vintage ornaments

  26. Wow your place looks great. I love the outside decor, you guys do go all out!

  27. When I saw your fireplace, I wanted to sit there and look at your decorations. I love stone fireplaces. Reminds me of home. Thank you for sharing!

  28. This is your Christmas!
    The trees are beautiful, the elves are fabulous and your house looks amazing!!


  29. looking real good!!!love the vintage ornaments πŸ™‚

  30. I can’t believe you guys have TWO trees and they’re both awesome! Those vintage ornaments are so cool.

    P.S. Tell your mom that I might just have to drop in for coffee and cookies and to drool over her vintage stove!

  31. so good to see a new start in practice. it speaks of hope…

  32. what an adorable green stove! where is it from? it’s lovely!

  33. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Everything looks wonderful. Those little elves are adorable

    Your mom’s vintage stove is awesome.

  34. Hey there. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!!! The decorations all look awesome but I am so loving your mom’s vintage stove. Awesome!!!!!

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