Mil Gracias

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet comments! I hope the test went well. Shockingly I think I did the best on the math portion. If you’d like the percentage, area, or need help with fractions, I think I’m your gal πŸ˜‰ Regular posts will resume this week! Woooohooooo!!! Here’s something I found this week when I was studying, and it really helped me put everything into perspective, and not worry about the outcome. I did the best I could, it’s no longer in my hands. I hoped for the best, and the best outcome will come come out of this!

Beginning Today

Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday.
It is in the past and the past will never change.
Only I can change by choosing to do so.

Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow.
Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to make the most of it.
But I cannot make the most of tomorrow without first making the most of today.

Beginning today I will look in the mirror and I will see a person worthy of my respect and admiration.
This person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better.

Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life.
I value this gift bestowed upon me in this world and I will unselfishly share this gift with others.
I will use this gift to enhance the lives of others.

Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path and to revel in the mysteries I encounter.
I will face challenges with courage and determination.
I will overcome what barriers there may be which hinder my quest for growth and self-improvement.

Beginning today I will take life one day at a time, one step at a time.
Discouragement will not be allowed to taint my self-image, my desire to succeed or my capacity to love.

Beginning today I will walk with renewed faith in human kindness.
Regardless of what has gone before, I believe there is hope for a brighter and better future.

Beginning today I will open my mind and my heart.
I will welcome new experiences.
I will meet new people.
I will not expect perfection from myself nor anyone else: perfection does not exist in an imperfect world.
But I will applaud the attempt to overcome human shortcomings.

Beginning today I am responsible for my own happiness and I will do things that make me happy. . .admire the beautiful wonders of nature, listen to my favorite music, pet a kitten or a puppy, soak in a bubble bath. . .pleasure can be found in the most simple of gestures.

Beginning today I will learn something new;
I will try something different;
I will savor all the various flavors life has to offer.
I will change what I can and the rest I will let go.
I will strive to become the best me I can possibly be.

Beginning today. And every day.

By Penny White; Copyright 1990




19 Responses

  1. glad everything went well! I had a test last week too & was just glad it’s over. Such a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing, I think it’ll def help me with my 4 exams in Jan!

    also, loving the new theme of your blog, it’s so beautiful & festive as well πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you! Isn’t it a relief once these stressful exams are done and over with!

    Thanks so much, I thought it was too summery for Christmas πŸ˜‰ even though I wish it was still warm!

  3. Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚ Where you live does it get cold? Good post by the way!!!

  4. You’ve changed your blog lay out… no side bars? Or are you coming up with some new items in your sidebars.
    I hve been working on my blog too… I changed it around… still not sure I like it… hmmmmm… I can’t decide what to do with it… not sure I want 3 columns anymore… actually I want a different feel all together… but I can’t figure out what… is this how you are feeling about your blog as well?

  5. Yay, I’m glad the test is behind you, and yay for staying focused, way to go! I’m sure you did great, let us know when you get your passing score so we can all have a virtual glass of champagne together!!

    I like the new header, so festive πŸ™‚

  6. new beginnings for each new day! it’s a great gift. so glad you feel good about your test. that’s got to be somewhat of a relief until you find out, hah?

    wow. i like the new layout. it’s fresh and sweet. is this just for Christmas or a permanent change?

  7. I like the new festive look! Too cute! I hope your test went well. I always get so nervous for tests that I am completely forget everything.

    I am definitely glad I came out to Cali and got to experience so many new and different things. I will definitely be back to visit but I need to be closer to my daddy.

    What’s the link to your etsy site? I noticed it’s not on your sidebar anymore.

  8. Beautiful verses….and stunning flower. hugs.

  9. Yay! Aren’t you glad it’s over! I can’t wait for your results–I’ve got a good feeling about this πŸ˜‰

    And I’m loving your new header, too. So festive! Hope you got some quality fun time after the test was over yesterday πŸ™‚


  10. that’s great your test went well, it’s always a relief when they’re done with and in the past.

    and those are such lovely and inspirational verses you posted.

  11. so glad that it went well for you.

    beginning today, right now… i needed this poem more than you realise. thank you!

    have the kind of week that you want to have…

  12. Thanks for sharing the great poem!

  13. what a beautiful and true poem. I am so glad you feel good about the test and everything seemed to fall in place.
    I love this image of your fabulous florals you have about you. very pretty!

  14. ps i forgot to mention I love the new header and blue with white stripes!!!
    I need to work on mine. maybe when i get back to illinois.

  15. Love your list – learning something new is so important to our creative spirits!

  16. I’m bookmarking this post, it’s lovely. I love what you’ve done here for the season and YO GO on your exam!!!

  17. Hi Candi! , i almost thought i was in the wrong place! didn’t recognize your new look!
    love the post!!!! thanks for sharing . it’s an affirmation of where i am right now!
    may i borrow this from you and put out in mine?
    love your new look it’s so fresh!

  18. yay for the test being done and you doing well!

    great post. I love it! and i love the new holiday look of your blog!

  19. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and true poem – may I link this via a post on my blog..?
    I’ll wait for your reply before going ahead..:)

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