I am so sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have a huge exam on Saturday which I have been studying for. While I miss visiting your blogs, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing my best to stay focused. Please send good karma and positive vibes my way 🙂 As much as I’m looking forward to the holidays, my plate is full and I personally can’t wait until I have my results saying I’VE PASSED!

Btw…the boots arrived today, and I’m not sure if I’m keeping them. From the look my brother gave me, and my grandma’s “I’ve never seen anything like those before,” I’m kind of hesitant to wear them out in public!



21 Responses

  1. good luck with your exam! stay focused, only two days to go.

  2. aww sweet puppy! 🙂

    many well wishes coming your way! GOOD LUCK! I know you will kick the exam’s ass.

  3. hate when that happens (the boots!)

  4. I hope you get an A! Good luck!

  5. Good Luck this weekend! You will do a fabulous job!

  6. Good luck with studying! Finals are the worst, but they mean the end, which is great! Take care of yourself!

  7. Sending good vibes your way for sure.

  8. Are you kidding me? Those boots are fabulous! They would be a cherished addition to anyone’s Shoe Library! I would definitely wear them. I can wear the most normal-looking thing and I’ll STILL get comments on what I wear. So I say wear what you want, enjoy fashion, have fun, and if people don’t get your style, oh well!

    Good luck on your test, by the way!

  9. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be thinking of you all day on Saturday (I am flying to Los Angeles that day)

    This week has been tough on everyone. Julia, you, and me.
    work has been crazy and I am trying leave for my holiday to California. It’s almost midnight and trying to read my favorites since I haven’t been able to all week.

    about the boots, take a photo with them on so we can see!
    again, GOOD LUCK on saturday !!!!!

  10. i would really not give those looks a second thought… enjoy the boots!

    as for the exam tomorrow… make it happen and enjoy the freedom afterward!

    happy weekend!


  11. ugggh don’t you hate it when you are SO excited about something and then you get it and it’s not what you thought it would be??

  12. You are going to take that test by storm! I can just feel it. Good for you for getting your priorities in order and focusing on your studying. You’re a stronger girl than i am!

    Break a leg—you’re going to do great!

  13. Good luck! I KNOW the feeling! I have three finals coming up in the three weeks!

    I want to see the boots!!!

  14. Awesome! Don’t worry about the CBest. I took it – it was fairly simple!

  15. Good luck on your test!! I am sending you positive thoughts:) That flower below is the pinkest, most exquisite pink I’ve ever seen!!

  16. good luck on the exam, and keep us posted how it went. Don’t let your family’s comments about the boots sway you. As long as you love them, that’s all that matters.


  18. Love the new layout of your blog. Hope the exam went well!

  19. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙂

  20. You have to keep those boots! They are awesome! And I like the new look here Candi! I thought you were supposed to be studying…..
    Lisa & Alfie

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