Happy Day



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  1. i will soak up the sunshine here for you. we are baking away… but i am loving it.

    happy week Candi.


  2. I agree!!! I cannot wait for summer, ha! Not something I should be saying in Nebraska where winter has really yet to begin!

  3. mmmmm Summer. I have lost my tan and I need a new one!! 😉

  4. gorgeous dear! hope you are well!!!

  5. My favorite flower and WOW the color is fantastic! I haven’t seen the sun in a few months now, lol!

  6. WOW… that flower is AMAZING! It doesn’t look real.
    Hope all is well in your world!

  7. Stunning – thanks for the pick-me-up!

  8. Summer? Oh no, how can you wish for summer? We haven’t even had fall or winter here (in Los Angeles). When I was in San Fran and Carmel last week I was in heaven with the chilly, misty, rainy, cold weather. I got to wear a sweater and scarf, it was wonderful!

    Let’s trade places, shall we 🙂

  9. What a stunning little shot of brightness. I love that picture.

  10. Gorgeous color in that flower. Amazing.

  11. Definitely excited for summer as well, but there’s a whole winter to get through first 🙂 Am looking forward to snow at Christmas though . . .

  12. it’s like neon! neat shot!

  13. Wow! Amazing and cheerful colors darling!

    Don’t miss my leaf jewelry give away at my blog!

  14. love that lily allen song – her entire album was pretty fab!

  15. it’s snowing out right now!
    sassy is not getting her last walk tonight, she is already bundled up in bed!

    that flower is blazing hot! love what your doing.
    sorry i have been crazy lately, must email you!!! miss you

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