Flower Power

If any of you watched the Red Carpet program prior to the American Music Awards, you’re familiar with the dress Colbie Caillat wore to the award show. This beautiful dress was created with fresh flowers by Nelly from Fou Frou Flowers in Los Angeles. Caillat stated in a video on the website that the dress was created the night before. She had seen Nelly wearing a similar dress at an event and asked her if she would make one for her to wear to the AMA’s. Please check out Fou Frou’s website for a great video on this beautiful dress!

3054100111_87f97556bf-1Photo courtesy of Fashionista 101

8 Responses

  1. oh my ….it’s great!!!

  2. what? really? I would so be afraid to sit down in that dress!

  3. Wow, gorgeous! It reminds me of the challenge they did a few seasons ago on Project Runway! I thought it was such a fun, pretty idea. What a risk taking lady!

  4. oh my gosh, how cool!

  5. Wow that is really different, but I like it. I didn’t get the boots this weekend but I’m going to look around when I go home this weekend.

  6. it’s an actual flower fairy dress!!!!! love it!

  7. It’s cool but doesn’t she look so uncomfortable? And, yes, those ruffled boots were the anthro boots I got. I’m so psyched! 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome Monday!


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