Yay!!!! :)

Thank you to my bloggy friend Kate, at She’s Lump for this great award! I am so honored to be awarded this by her, as this is one of the first ones I head to in the morning. She always has me laughing, and inspires me!



The rules for Kreativ Blogger:
1.) Spell “Creative” in an unusual way so as to add mystery
2.) List 6 things you love.
3.) List 6 Bloggers who you pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to.

Six Things I LOVE!

1) This weather we’re having in Northern California. It was 77 today. I wore a sleeveless dress and sandals. Doesn’t get much better than this!

2) “My life and those in it.” I love this quote. I have it as one of many facebook quotes.

Lucy Goosie Baby Floosie

Lucy Goosie Baby Floosie

3) Jim Halpert from The Office. I recently started watching this show, and I am in love.

4) Word Challenge on Facebook. I recently started playing and am pretty addicted.

5) Christmas decorations. We didn’t do Christmas for a few years….a few of you know why. I’m proud of my family and I for doing our best to forget the past so we can do what we do best….decorate for the holidays! It feels good to love my favorite holiday again 🙂

My favorite movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

My favorite movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!


6) My blogger friends who are so kind and help me so much! You have all inspired me in many different ways. I know I’m only supposed to pick 6, but I am having problems doing so as I love all of your blogs so much. If this is illegal arrest me, as I would like to nominate everyone in my blog roll for this award! If your name is there, this to is yours. Thank you for all you’ve done for me!!!


12 Responses

  1. congratulations on the award! love our list.

  2. You are so cute! CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 It’s well deserved!

  3. congrats! it was fun learning a little about you!

  4. You definitely deserve it! You totally ROCK! 🙂 and you know I love love love your blog. I swear you are my long lost sister. 😉

  5. these were fabulous! I too share a love for Jim Halpert. And congrats on the award, sweetie!

  6. You are too cute! And what a wonderful way to pass the award on! I love it!

  7. You’re such a sweetheart! I’m loving our weather too…shorts in November! Heck yeah!

    And Jim from The Office is like my biggest TV crush ever…I’m was so afraid that he and Pam weren’t going to make it when she was in NYC!

    Can I come to your house and play with that adorable Pup of yours? 😉

  8. Yay, congrats on the award!!! Your blog is most awesome!

    (Are you seriously sharing with your blogroll, cause I’m there) 😮

  9. i must admit i’m curious as to why you haven’t been able to do Christmas for a while…i’m not sure if it’s something i missed on your blog. hoping you’ll sure the reason why – only, if you’re comfortable of course. otherwise i understand. congrats on the award! it’s always nice to get one isn’t it?

  10. Congratulations! You totally deserve it. And thank you for passing it on to all of us! I love Jim from the Office and Christmas Vacation is one of my all time fav movies!

  11. congrats you deserve it! love your blog 🙂

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