How To Open An Etsy Shop

My current shop on etsy, has a name I don’t care for. It’s something I came up with on a whim and just went with it because I was eager to start selling. If I’d really thought about it I would have gone in another direction. Perhaps I would have named it “dolce” since that’s Candy in Italian. Who knows?

Now that I’m working on my photos (I started printing them last night!) I have thought about what I’d name it? I googled “etsy, store, name” and it brought me to the storque page on etsy. Storque is etsy’s version of a blog, and it’s a fantastic one I might add!

If you’re thinking of starting a new shop here are some fantastic tips directly from the storque!

  • “Choose a name that is easy to remember and spell.” For instance, I’ve thought about going with either my first name that I never go by- Candace, and my middle name, or Candace and my last name. I could do Candi and my mn or Candi and my ln. But than you’ve got the whole spelling issue. Funny story, I never spelled Candi that way until I started my internship at one of the local television stations in the sports department. I was talking to the guys about all the disturbing things people say about the name Candy, and they asked if I spelled it like an actual Candy? So I thought then and there that I’d change it. For the remainder of the internship, I was known as Candy with an i. With that being said, I have no idea what I should name it and what would be easy for people to remember. I could always spell it like Ashlee Simpson and put two ee’s at the end, and really be unique? Candee? Kandii? Candie? Hmmmmmmmmm!
  • “Try to limit your name to just two words.” I totally agree, there are times when I’m looking for certain shops and they’re something over the top, and I can never find them. Check!
  • “Take inspiration from others! Which shop names do you know and remember on etsy?” Honest to goodness, I don’t remember anyone’s on etsy, and I have a really great memory. I guess either they’re too long, or I’m not buying like I should!
  • Think about legalities. Some words and names are trademarked. Does that include my name? I mean every stripper, hersheys, sees, among others owns it. Thanks mom! This reminds me of an episode of King Of The Hill I saw last night. I never watch the show, but I heard my name so I rewound it (thank you dvr) and low and behold an adult film star (on the show) was named Candy. A little while later, Two & A Half Men came on (same channel) and there was a dingy girl who is two bricks shy of a load named Candy. My mom should have known better when she asked her friend if she was ever teased with this name lol!
  • “Once you have decided on a name for your shop, take advantage of capital letters to make the appearance of your shop name more cohesive. ” For instance “SalesMoney” (blame it on The Secret).
  • “If you are selling a very specific product or certain type of supply, it wouldn’t hurt to actually put the basic name of what you are selling in your shop name.” This is a great idea, but what if later on down the line you decide to branch out? You might be stuck, and have to open a new shop.
  • “Last but not least, your shop name should reflect your style in one way or another.” You wouldn’t expect to see the word “chic” in a shop with a bunch of pocket knives, or ammo would you?

I hope this was as helpful to you, as it has been to me. There is so much more information on this, if you click on the link. If any of you have any ideas as to what I should name my shop, I will gladly accept them with open arms! Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂

If only I wasn’t the one holding Olivia and had taken this, I would have entered it in Urban Grace Interiors pet photo contest 🙂

9 Responses

  1. first of all, I’m excited you’re starting another shop because your photos are ridiculously beautiful!

    I’m wondering if you go with Candy with a Y …if you’ll get more traffic. It may not be photo related but – I’m guessing people will do a google search for CandY before CandI …just my thought.

    and omg…that kitty does not look happy!!! ahahah …..Kitty Candy! lol. Flower Candy? Photo Candy? i dunno…you’ve probably come up with one by now.

  2. yeah i totally agree with maegan…candy is easy and simple. i’m excited to see what you come up with, either way.

  3. I think you should do a play on words with your name: “Candycane Boutique” or “Candy & Flowers”.

    I’ve only come up with those 2 so far 🙂

  4. ok I want the link to your new shop!! 🙂

    and I think Candy will get more searches and hits. Or use both Candi and Candy.

  5. I also like Candy with a Y. I think it’s a bit of a play on your name and whatever you sell, you know?

    Thanks for the tips. I just opened an Etsy shop last week, but haven’t named it or anything yet. I think I’m going to name it after one of my blogs (either reverie or vivid) because the names are simple and easy to remember, and they describe me and my work.

    Oh, and what am I planning to sell? Photos and illustrations 🙂

    (Oh yeah, I’m still interested in a green scarf when you get more yarn in. Just let me know 🙂

  6. Candi, I love this post.
    my cousin is named candice as well, but get this…. we have a family tradition, you name the next child with a slight change of the previously named. I am the oldest and my middle name is C. Elaine, so Candice being the second born got “Candice Laine” hello candy lane!!! total stripper name. she freaks when any calls her candi.

  7. Hm my Etsy name is Katie Lake (Katie is short for Katherine and Lake is my middle name, hence I am Katie Lake). I don’t have a store…yet. I haven’t managed to finish enough items to post.

    I don’t really have any suggestions…Candy candi? Not feeling very creative today.

  8. thank you for this post! i will forward it to my sister, who i want to open an Etsy shop for her jewelry!

  9. i’ve been thinking of opening an etsy store so this is such a timely and informative post!

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