Want Of The Day

Thanks to Apartment, Tbd, etc I have been looking on craiglist daily in hopes of finding a bamboo chippendale/hollywood regency chair for my bedroom. I have yet to find one, but found this gorgeous tufted chair! It’s $125, I would love to have it…but in this unpredictable economy I can’t fathom spending this at the moment. I figure I’d post this as if it was my inspiration board, and wish it my way instead (yes, I love The Secret.)

I’m working diligently, I mean my MOM is working diligently on fixing my vintage parlor. I bought the paint stripper to fix the top, and my poor Mama got tipsy from the fumes j/k! All that’s left is sanding it and painting it. I initially was going to paint it light pink, but that was before I purchased the new bed. It’s going to stay white, and will be converted into my desk, so I can get going on my new shop! 🙂


For all you Sacramentan’s/Norcal folk my light pink vintage iron bed is now for sale. I paid over $300 for it less than 5 months ago, and am asking for the best offer. I have photos posted of it on my blog, and also on flickr. I’d be happy to email them to you!


4 Responses

  1. Candi,
    You have to buy that chair! soo darling. you just have to at that price….. with your bed! perfect

  2. That chair is so great, I wish you could buy it and not pass it up. It’s fabulous!

  3. That chair is so absolutely gorgeous! Great find. I hope it finds its way to your home!

  4. i’m glad i could inspire you to check out good ol’ craigslist more often 🙂 did i mention i recently missed out on 4 (yes 4!) of the bamboo chippendale chairs with padded seats!?!?!? i could’ve kicked myself for missing it and contacting the seller too late! (one person too late too!)

    thanks for the mention 🙂

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