Alba’s Green Home

In Style is featuring Jessica Alba’s exquisite home for their Stars Go Green segment.

Interior designer Kara Whittman was in charge of finding old pieces for the Alba/Warren home. Very rarely was anything new used to decorate the home.

Alba and Whittman going over vintage decor- In Style

Alba and Whittman going over vintage decor- In Style

Alba and Warren's bedroom.

Alba and Warren's bedroom- In Style

Alba and Warren opted to be environmentally friendly in their bedroom as well, going with hardwood and rugs rather than carpet.

Going with the eco theme, Alba chose a salt water pool which has fewer toxins

Going with the eco theme, Alba chose a salt water pool which has fewer toxins

All photos courtesy of In Style


18 Responses

  1. Darling, I love it! I love hearing different ways people are becoming more conscientious about their decorating, especially if you have the ways and means of doing so. Jessica Alba is such a striking character, it’s neat to know that she’s striking out with this green look to decorating ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Her home is beautiful! Everything is so well put together and cozy. I really like the idea of the salt water pool, that’s a great idea.

  3. the colors are so rich, i just love the couch!!! I would never think to buy a couch that color but it really works. …I’m also loving seeing a nice new eclectic mix on decor instead of the MODERN stuff they’ve been shoving down our throats for the past ten years.

    I’ll send you a invite when I get home ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I want the couch…oh yes I do!!!

  5. You have a strong sense of style and a very good eye. I am loving the content of your blog and wanted to let you know that you’ve got the magic touch! Great photos too!

  6. You’re on my blog tour now! Thank you so much for the link love.

  7. Looks lovely!!! That couch is fabulous:)

  8. i just read this last night (my InStyle came yesterday)

    i’m super jealous of her home and her appearance! she could not be more gorgeous, nor could her house.

    my husband is ga-ga over her. (heavy sigh)

  9. I want to live there.

  10. Wow that is a great home. I need to ready my Instyle tonight so I can see all the photos!

  11. i am loving that rich colour of that couch!! i want, i want, i want!
    great post!

  12. These really are wonderful, aren’t they? I love seeing other peoples’ homes, even celebs.

  13. oh only if I were rich…. ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! That teal couch is a stunner! And a salt water pool is a great idea.

  15. Beautiful and I love the backyard.

  16. wow, I haven’t seen this yet. the colors are gorgeous!

  17. how cool! i want a salt water pool

  18. oh my goshhh,love the jessica alba sofaaaa,greatttt

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