Decor Assistance Needed!!!!

Please, please, please assist me in the decor department! Remember I got this bed this past weekend…..

and this mirror

and I’ve had this rack for the last few months…..

What should I do with the rack? I’m going to a wedding on Saturday, and if I’m not too *tired* from Saturday, I’m hoping to get my bedroom together on Sunday. Should I get rid of the rack? If I keep it I’m not sure what I’d put on it, as now that I have this bed and mirror, my tuscan stuff no longer goes! Decisions, decisions!!!!!!

19 Responses

  1. romantic country feel?

  2. Oh that’s a tough one! I like the bed and mirror together, and the shelf is an unexpected touch. You could use it for storing books, plants or even as a fun shoe rack! good luck!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the rack would be awesome as a shoe rack. {I am in need of one, so maybe that is why shoe rack was my first thought!} Can’t wait to see some pics of the outcome!!

  4. What about if your drapped the sides and back with a fun coordinating fabric and paint the metal part white to go with the bed. You can put wooden boards at the bottom of each shelf and use it as a side table. Or you could fill it with skeins of brightly colored yarn. You could also paint it a bright color to go with your bed spread and use it as a wall shelf (use specific kinds of hooks and put it up above a plant/chair/end table!

  5. oOoOohhh, cute mirror! Not sure what to do with the rack though, sorry! =/

    Thanks for the sweet comments over at my blog. You’re going to laugh when I tell you where I bought that frame — The Dollar Store. 🙂 I bought about 10 of these not-so-cute looking white frames and spray painted them black. 🙂

    P.S. I think I’m in love with your blog!

  6. that mirror is amazing

  7. i was thinking along the same line as julia!
    Paint it white. You can by spray paint for metal at the hardware store.
    use masonite board on the bottom, have them cut to size. Paint white or a fun color to match your bedcover.
    you then can place fun items, like boxes, tins, baskets with small balls of colorful yarn and pretty cup to have our hooks in, small books….
    what is the height? and a cute little lamp on top if it is high enough by the bed??
    don’t get rid of it!
    loving the rack.

  8. hmmm…i’m not sure how sturdy it is/how much weight it should support but if you keep it i definitely see it (a)painted out in a glossy white or (b)gilded in silver or bronze to go with your new bed frame – if you decide to use it in the same room (how to guild let us know what you decide!

  9. The rack would be awesome if you could shine it up and put some bamboo or light wood on the racks to put your shoes or handbags on. Nice little natural feel.

  10. The rack reminds me of an old birdcage! I like it – you should keep it. Maybe paint it black or something – put all your really cute accessories (scarves!) on it for a decorative touch!

  11. i definitely see plants and/or books, like please sir said.
    i think that would be the best way to tie it in with the other pieces!!

    i hope you post a pic when it’s all done!

  12. oh what a great dilemma to have! i adore the bed and the mirror (maybe painted white, but so the gold still shows below?). I don’t know how to best use the rack… i don’t know it fits in….

  13. I second exactly what Callie Grayson suggests! The racking is awesome, paint it white and try to use as a bed side table, it’s too cool to get rid of!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to come and check out yours. On this one, the rack really threw me off, but I’m always amazed on the ideas and talent out there so I’m sure you’ll come up with something. It would for sure look cool in a bathroom with towels and other things or in the kitchen. Also, can make a great shoe rack just like the other ladies mentioned. Definitely do not get rid of it though. Good luck!

  15. Oh, I love your blog! And thank you for the nice comment. I cant wait to see how your room comes out, what great finds!!

    I like the idea of using the rack as a side table, what if you got glass cut for the shelves, to make it feel “lighter” if that makes sense. I like the idea of storing books on it as well, so many possibilities.

    Please post pics when you are done!

  16. If I had any kind of decorating talent or crafting talent I would give you a ton of ideas!! But I don’t. I suck as painting a wall! 😦

  17. goregeous mirror and bed!! i too think the rack should be sprayed out ~ i’m thinking in white ~ and you’ll know best what you need to use it for! or, if you decide it just doesn’t fit your bedroom anymore, don’t use it! it will have a purpose someday. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve bought pieces and then ended up using them completely differently.

    as for additional decor, it seems like you’re going in a shabby chic direction, so if you like that, run with it! for my taste, i would start incorporating some more simple modern pieces to balance the look a bit, like brocade design-ish (not sure if they’re ever going to be back online…)

    keep us updated!

  18. I just love that bed and mirror! The rack is very cute too. Everyone has already made good suggestions. I think another cute idea would be to weave some wide ribbon through the wires around the top. You could also randomly tuck vintage flashcards or postcards in between the wires. Small vintage suitcases would look cute on the shelves to hold things in. Hope you have fun at the wedding!

  19. […] on Sanford & Son, I want to be in a space I actually like! For those of you who have not seen my bed from the 1800’s that I bought at an antique fair a few months ago…here is my […]

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