Insomnia Why Now?

You might be wondering (if you’ve read my previous post) why I’m still up as we are getting up in a few short hours? I can’t help you, as I don’t know either lol. Thanks a lot SNL for keeping me up!


Follow Your Bliss~ Anderson Cooper

Follow Your Bliss~ Anderson Cooper


6 Responses

  1. absolutely lovely, i can’t wait to have a house and plant flowers like these! wish me luck, if all goes well i will be in a new place in december!

  2. I hope you are getting some sleep! Your day sounds like it is going to be a really fun one – Hoping you find some great stuff! Please share pictures!

  3. ok, so i don’t know why but i haven’t seen any of these posts! love them all, and i love these flowers (and yes, i was up late watching SNL last night too!)

  4. Those are all timer favorite flowers! Beautifl pic and thanks for your nice comments on my blog šŸ™‚

  5. Hope you got some sleep in the end!? Me to suffers from insomnia from time to time, but I kind of cherish it as its in the middle of the night, when everyone is a sleep I manage to get most done around the house ,-) Love your Dahlia photo, they are so beautiful!

  6. oh, my gosh! this is absolutely beautiful! this is one of my favorite flowers! i have never seen them in white.

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