My Love

At times I feel like I’m the most indecisive person on earth. I change my mind more than I can even count on BOTH hands! One thing for sure- I LOVE turquoise jewelry….especially vintage!!! Vintage turquoise pieces have so much character. I might be tiny, but the bigger the better! I blame it on my latin roots 🙂

Here are a few bracelets that I stumbled on today. They are quite pricey, but totally worth the investment!

All jewelry is courtesy of Sedonian Jewelry


10 Responses

  1. The last ring is awesome. I love turquoise but can never seem to find the right ring or necklace. These are great though!

  2. your new blog is great. i peeked in the other day, but had to go before commenting. loving the turquoise jewerly. it’s one of my favorite stones.

  3. ok, i love love love them all! but my favorites (toss up) the 4th one down and the 5th!
    i love the side detail on the 4th one, but i love the big chunk of the 5th!!!!

  4. Thanks Chris, Kellie and Callie! I agree with all of you, these pieces are unique and beautiful.

    Thanks Kellie for the blog love! I’m glad my readers I checking me out here. It brings me great joy, and makes my journey extra special!!!!

  5. I think that last one is my favorite! …it could work in a couple different ways ..I love that! …and seriously, your photos on your side bar are amazing!!!!

  6. Thanks Maegan! You’re so sweet!

  7. I adore turquoise jewelry and these bracelets are just gorgeous! I love your blog!

  8. I love it all; all the pieces are gorgeous. I love wearing torqoise with black…HOT!

  9. oh my gosh, i thought i’d lost you! i went to the old blog because i hadn’t made a note of this new one. (thought you would have a link on the old one) anyway, i found you! things are looking good over here. hope you are having a good week.

  10. Thank you so much Caroline! Sorry I didn’t get to yours quicker. For some reason wordpress had your comment under spam 😦

    Thanks for the blog love Ann, this made me :)!

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