4 Things!

My blogging buddy/etsy pal, Dear Alison tagged me last weekend, and being the busy slacker I am, I’m getting this done on a Tuesday night. Sorry Ali!

4 Things I did today

1. Finished my scarf, based on Saks 5th Avenue colors of the season lol

2. Had my grandma (official etsy photographer) take pictures of me with the scarf on

3. Listed my scarf on etsy

Autumn Scarf! Hand knit by me!!!

Autumn Scarf! Hand knit by me!!!

4. Promote, promote, promote!!!

4 Things On My To Do List

1. Make my mom a shop on etsy, she’s trying to sell her quilted ornaments (super cute.)

2. Take my grandma to the doctor in the am!

3. Job searching….it’s getting old!

4. Work on my dresser. I want it back in my room!

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures

1. Biting my nails. I have tmj which kicks me in the butt in times of stress. I’ve been super stressed lately, and my nails finally grew because my jaw was giving me headaches. It drove me nuts. I guess I must not be stressed anymore, as I was finally able to bite my nails again. Life is good!

2. Watching The Hills! Not liking Doug and Stephanie too much.

3. Blogging. I love to write, what can I say????

4. Taking pictures. I am the picture queen of my family!

4 Random Facts About ME

1. I speak spanish as well as english.

2. I love Charles Barkley

3. I wish Keith Olbermann was my dad. He’s so witty, and full of life. I want to hook him up with my mom!

4. I want to be a reporter when I “grow up.” I’ve had the internships, graduated from college…go hornets!, and all that’s left is paying the bills, and keep working at making my dream come true!!!!

4 Bloggers I am tagging

Fifi Flowers Decor

One Pretty Thing

Rate My Favorite Spaces



10 Responses

  1. I used to watch The Hills religiously but finally pulled away from it. That scarf is cute! I’ll have to check out your Etsy site.

  2. LOL! I didn’t know what tagging meant! This is going to take some thought…company coming for 4 days…but I’ll work on it! Your scarves are sooooo cool. I’ve even seen scarves in our FL stores this year. Love the look!

  3. cute new scarf!!! I tried to get to your teal chic and got the “I wasn’t invited” snub 🙂 glad I found you again though

  4. Yay! I love the new scarf colors!

    I totally get the TMJ thing! It sucks!

  5. Oh FUN! Can I respond here…I can think of all these right off the top of my head!

    4 Things on My to-do List:
    *buy food and drinks for our houseguests this weekend
    *make dinner reservations
    *finish Roundups for the rest of the week
    *give Puppy Jane a bath!

    4 Guilty Pleasures:
    *a glass of wine and a decor magazine
    *trash tv. Like Rachel Zoe trashy!
    *a two hour dinner with the husband
    *an afternoon cocktail on Fridays

    4 Random Facts:
    *I call my cats on my answering machine when I’m out of town. Embarrassing!
    *I drink green tea ALL day long.
    *I always have 5+ books and about 10 magazines going at once.
    *I am SOO looking forward to bed tonight. EXHAUSTION!

  6. Hi! I am here getting all caught up on your new blog. It looks great! Love the banner photo! I always like learning more about my fellow bloggers… it’s so awesome that you are bilingual. I would think that would be beneficial for journalism too. The new scarf is so cute!

  7. Thank you all for following me to this blog, I don’t think you could ever know how much I appreciate this!!! ♥

    Thanks Lindsay for the comment on the scarf. I feel ya on the hills! I need to break away from it.

    Thanks Mary Kay! I’m glad you will participate 🙂 Take your time. Thanks for the comment on my scarf!!!

    Thanks Maegan for the support I appreciate it! Thank you for the sweet comment on my scarf!

    Thanks Alison for the tag! Uggh you have tmj too? No fun!!! Thanks for the comment on my scarf! It’s getting a lot of love on etsy 🙂

    Thanks Rachel for participating! That is so cute that you leave your cats messages! I’m with you on starting more projects than I can handle. And we wonder why we feel overwhelmed lol!

    Thanks Mrs. B! I love my banner photo, I’m proud of myself for that one! Thanks again for checking out my new blog.

    Much love to all! ♥ C

  8. so fun reading over your list! i got to meet charles barkley when i was in 6th grade since i was part of this athletic scholar group and it’s still one of the most exciting things ever!

  9. I too am not like Doug and Stephanie…

    I am also a nail biter; for my hubbys birthday he said his present was for me to get nails LOL

    Thanks so much for your kinds words on my blog; I love meeting new people! I will be back for sure!

  10. Thanks cupcakes and cashmere….nice to meet somebody else who likes Chucky B!

    Uggh Doug and Stephanie. I could do without them on the show!

    Thanks Rachel that’s sweet of you! Yours is great too 🙂

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