I’ll take these please

It seems like bamboo chairs are everywhere from Design Sponge, to the Love List and in black at Porch Light Interiors. I usually don’t fall so quickly for furniture, but I am in looooove!!!!

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chippendale Chairs

They are featured on Ebay, with the auction ending October 5th. I can just envision them in black, or red, maybe yellow or bright pink? So much you can do with these chairs! What can I say, they have my <3!


8 Responses

  1. I love those! I can totally see them painted in a light teal with soft grey velvet pattern. But then again, I always mentally redo furniture so that it would fit in my own home! =)

  2. Thanks for the mention Candi. I agree that these chairs really make a statement in any room and its always great if you can get them on ebay without the huge pricetag!

  3. i’ll take them all! how cool are these chairs? there’s soooo much you could do with them!

  4. Thanks ladies for the comments, I’m with you on these! I can totally envision them everywhere. I’m hoping I sell some scarves soon, so I can buy them up! 🙂

  5. Hello! Just stopping in to see your new space — wonderful header! Will update the link on my blogroll.

  6. I love them too! Love the bamboo look, it’s very of the moment. They’d look gorgeous in black or yellow!

  7. These chairs are so great, I love them!!! Glad you all do too!

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